Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. LSU

Nov. 29, 2011

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Opening Statement

"At halftime we talked about winning the last 20 minutes of the game and the first five minutes of the second half. We did a good job defensively and on the defensive boards tonight. We missed some shots tonight, but we did play well. We let them set the tone in the second half by getting five offensive rebounds, which was the theme the rest of the game.

"They attacked the offensive boards in the second half, which led to the last play of the game. We have worked on that late game defense by keeping them in front of us and not letting them get too deep inside. I called that last timeout to emphasize that it's not the first shot but the second shot we have to focus on. We're four points away, and we have to play more efficiently. We had some bad possessions in the second half by turning the ball over and not taking care of the basketball."

On the offensive pace of the game
"We are a young team, and guys have to play with more confidence. We have to understand how to play the game, and recognize when we pass the ball inside. We forced the ball inside a few times, but we did get some good looks underneath. There was a time during the game where we were trying to do too much offensively. We gambled a couple times which led to a couple of 3s for LSU. After we started rebounding and getting stops defensively, we started getting inefficient offensively. We have to gain confidence and win a close game like that to build on."

On a young team
"We are a young team, but we can't use that as an excuse because we do have some talent. We are making plays throughout the game and are right there to finish it at the end. We have to make more plays down the stretch against a good team. Every possession is an important possession, and we valued that well in the first half. At halftime, we complimented the team on the things they did well, but we told them to win the next 20 minutes of the game. We knew they were going to drive right at us and attack the offensive glass, and we worked hard on getting defensive rebounds. That first possession of the second half set the tone the rest of the game with those five offensive rebounds."



On TaShawn Thomas
"He didn't play like a freshman tonight, but there has been some times where he has been up and down. When we have these home games, we have to protect our court and we have not done that."

On J.J. Thompson
"He has to hit some of the open looks he gets and has to take better care of the basketball. He's really playing well lately, but tonight he drove by a defender, but let someone come from behind and strip him. We are young, inexperienced, and don't have the confidence to go inside and make a play that you need to make. We need to go and drive in the paint until someone stops us, and if they don't stop us, then keep on going."

On LeRon Barnes
"I liked him tonight playing hard and being active throughout the game. Obviously his conditioning is a factor, but I told the guys he is going to be a factor and play a lot this season. I told him I was pleased with his performance tonight."

On coming down to the wire these past games

"It's hard. We have to box out and get rebounds."

On the last play

"The point guard came out, went all the way to the front and tried to make a play on the ball. I tried to block it but I guess I caught a foul."

On LSU's aggressiveness in the second half
"I think they came out a little more aggressive, hit us in the mouth first on the offense boards. We just didn't respond right."

On the tough matchup
"It was real tough. Coach told us that this was going to be the strongest team we've played on offense boards. We knew it was coming and in the first half we tried to match it but in the second half they came out a little harder, we just weren't able to respond."

On what it will take to get better on defense consistently
"Repetition. We have to keep doing it in practice to get in everybody's head."

SENIOR GUARD Darian Thibodeaux
On how difficult loss was

"It's been real tough, we just have to get back in the gym and get back to the drawing board."

On better defensive play
"We got better defensively as a team, but we still have small things like rebounding."

On this being a learning experience for younger players
"It's a big learning process for them. Nobody likes to lose so I'm sure we will get this turned around quick."

On early foul trouble
"It's frustrating. You always want to be out there but I'm proud of LeRon for coming in and giving us some great minutes."

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