POST GAME QUOTES: Houston 105, Prairie View A&M 61

Dec. 3, 2016

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HEAD COACH Kelvin Sampson
Opening Statement
"The great thing about athletics and sport is that it gives you a chance to go work on things and get better at it. The other night in Baton Rouge we got punched in the nose and he we didn't punch back, we were looking for someone to give us a handkerchief so we could wipe the blood off of our mouth. It's hard to simulate LSU's size, they have four guys 6'10 to 7 foot and we were not ready for that. I did not see a lot of fight either and that's the hallmark of this program. That is how we beat everybody in the league last year because we were fighters and we have to get back to that. Sometimes you need to be reminded who you are. If you run around here thinking you are a little better than you actually are this game is very humbling, it will tell you who you are.

We played with a great identity tonight led by Damyean Dotson and Rob Gray. Those two guys were outstanding. Dotson got back on the boards and that is the hardest he has played all year and that is the hardest Rob played on both ends all year.

I was pleased with the effort tonight. We have a bunch of games left and I don't get carried away with games in November winning or losing, the practices after are more important than the games itself."

On response after LSU...
"It was the way they practiced on Wednesday, Thursday and yesterday. I was on them and I fussed at them hard, but they deserved it. We are not good enough to show up, none of us. We have to be a program that kicks, claws, scratches and fights for everything we get. Sometimes our kids need to be reminded of who they are.

It is still early in the season and there are some teams that have already loss three or four games that are going to be really good NCAA tournament teams come March. That is why you don't worry about games in November, you just take your lumps and get better. You just get back to practice, focus on what you need to work on and make sure your kids have the right attitude and effort. If you do those and you are a good team it usually works out and we are a good team."

On flow of the game...
"We had 19 assists, but we had some mindless `what are you doing?' turnovers. Anytime you make a great play, get fouled and miss both free-throws it tends to chop the game up."

On Prairie View A&M Head Coach Bryon Smith...
"We have a lot of respect for Prairie View. Coach Byron Smith has done a great job there. They went on the road and beat Fresno State, that is a great win for them and I was proud of them for that. I know how tough that job is and can be. So for them to go on the road and beat Fresno State and play these other teams, that is not easy so we prepared hard for them. Coach Smith is a proud UH graduate and was a great player here as well as Coach Dirk Daniels from their staff. We have a lot of respect for those guys. I am sure he knew this and probably told his kids this that they were playing us at the wrong time because whoever we played after that debacle in Baton Rouge, we were going to get after it."

On the bench players...
"I told Wes (Van Beck) when he was a walk on, he was a much better free throw shooter. Walk-ons have to make their free throws. That doesn't speak well for (Mateen) Hirbod. (Armoni) Brooks can shoot, obviously, we didn't pull his name out of a hat. We recruited him because he's good at that. (Morris) Dunnigan too, those two guys, tonight was really good for them because it gave them a chance for extended minutes. Armoni played 21 minutes, that's the most he has played all year. That will help him. As we move further into the schedule we have guys off the bench that can score. Now they are getting some playing time, which allows me to hold the starters accountable."

On Senior Forward Danrad Knowles and Senior Center Kyle Meyer...
"Danrad (Knowles) got punched in the nose the other night, and I didn't like how he reacted to it. You reward things and then you penalize things. I have always done that. We won 22 games last year with Kyle (Meyer) in our starting five. I thought his effort and energy on the offensive glass was important for us. With Rob (Gray), there's so much on offense that comes easy to him. I have to stay on top of him to ensure he's making the game easy, not playing in traffic and things like that. Rob is a very gifted offensive player."

On what was different from the LSU game...
"Our response. That was a difference. We came out ready to punch them, instead of receiving blows like coach suggested. Our overall intent to fight, scratch and claw was the difference."

On his involvement in the second half...
"Coach Sampson always tells me to be the best all-around player I can be. I didn't have to score 21 points in the second half. I tried to help our team win with rebounds, assists, steals, and whatever else I had to do."  



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