Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. Nevada

Dec. 6, 2010

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Opening Statement
“I’m really happy that we won. From our perspective it was an ugly win but with an emphasis on win. I’ve got to do a better job preparing our guys for the free throw line. That’s something we talked about, that’s something we do a lot, but we need to get relaxed and execute out there. We only got there six times the first half and didn’t make one. We could have iced the game in the second half a couple of times but weren’t able to. I’m glad that we won and we minimized our turnovers except late when they went to the zone defense. Nevada did a nice job changing defenses and we didn’t prepare that specific zone look although we worked on different zone looks.” 

“Our strength is to go inside-out. One of the best situations in the first half was when we had Mo (Maurice McNeil) and Adam (Brown) isolated on one side and they played unselfish and got Adam an easy three.”

“Our defense for the most part kept us in the game. Twice we had an eight lead and twice we gave it up. We try to tell our guys to realize the situation and lock down the opposition and get a stop, right there. Getting a stop there would get us a double-digit lead, which is huge psychological advantage. We’ll work on that though.“

On Nevada
“Nevada is a young basketball team with a rough schedule so far. They’ve had a tough row so far but they are a quality squad.”

On turnovers
“Turnovers are magnified more in the last five minutes than any other point of the game. That’s because you don’t any time to make up for that. We did a good job for most of the game not turning the ball over. I probably should have done a couple things different on offense, we could have spread them across on the dribble more but I liked how we were able to jam the ball down low whenever we tried. I could’ve loosened our guys up some.”

On Adam Brown
“I chomped on Adam a little bit at the beginning of the year. I told him that I didn’t think he could guard any of us coaches at first. But I told him when ‘when you shoot the ball as well as you do, people are going to come after you.’ They either run at him now or make him put the ball on the floor. He’s learning how to drive, get to the line, penetrate and everything else that makes him effective. The biggest thing he has learned and improved is his defense. We put him against the best wing player every game now and he’s responded well. He can also be a terrific rebounding guard and I’ve been tough on him about that. He’s a good athlete and we want him to score within the context of the offense but he can do a lot more than score. I wish he made that last free throw so I wouldn’t have had to suffer through those last 1.9 seconds. I’m the free-throw shooting coach so I need to fire myself after this press conference is over.”

On the playing level
“Our competition has been tough enough right now. I’m happy we’re winning and I wish we could win have played better on the road but that’s why it was important to just win this past Saturday. One of the things I’m learning about this team is they have a lot of confidence. It worries me because they think they can turn it on whenever but when we get into those intense conference games, we have to come ready to play, get a good start and then maintain for the entire game, both halves. Good thing about the holidays is we will get a lot of practice time.”

SOPHOMORE FORWARD Kendrick Washington
On taking care of the ball
“It’s just working hard. Everyone is staying focused and taking their time. It’s something we need to continue to work on because we would like no turnovers even though everyone makes mistakes. We had double digits turnovers the last couple of games and tonight we just tried to narrow it down to single digits.”

On free throw shooting
Last night we came in and shot free throws and I did bad. It was in my head and I couldn’t relax or sleep because I missed more than I usually did. It played a role in the game today so the last free throws I could have had I passed them off to A.B. (Adam Brown) and told him to knock them down.”

On what he is taking out of this game
Togetherness…Everybody came out and knew their job individually. We stood together to get the win.”

On where he is physically this year compared to last year
It’s just a level of confidence. I could have produced way more last year. The seniors played a role in my ear but this year no worries and play like I used to play.”

On establishing offense in the post
Coach Dickey wanted us to go inside since Kendrick was having a great game. He wanted us to establish the game first in the post and that’s what he tried to do. I need to slow down the offense. I am rushing my shot and I need to just take my time and finish the shot.”

On the team

We are a great team all around. We have great perimeter and post players. We judge a lot for the next game by what was successful in the game before. Kendrick had a double-double last game and Mo was successful in the paint. We are going to keep working with it and come out next game and go to the post.”

On his first double-double of his career
“They start playing me tight and they know I can shoot so I had to find other ways to help my team win. There are a lot of different stats that can help my team so I just try to go out there and focus on things other than scoring.”

On guarding Malik Story
Coming into the game we didn’t show him any more attention than the other guys. We wanted him to prove himself and then we noticed him getting hot in the first half and so in the second half we started to not to help off of him and slowed him down a little bit. He is a great player and I knew I had a task in front of me.”

On UTSA coming in this weekend
I’m real confident in my team. I know our record doesn’t show how much confidence I have in my team because we struggled on the road. We got our first win on the road and we needed to get past that first hump. We got past that first hump and we know we are capable of winning on the road. When UTSA comes here it will be a tough challenge and they’ll give a good competition."



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