Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. UTSA

Dec. 11, 2010

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Opening Statement
"I want to congratulate San Antonio, they came in here and played really hard, played with passion and executed. They made some big plays tonight. My job is to get our guys ready to play and we did not do that. That was a big disappointment. We talked about playing with energy, passion, enthusiasm, and we did not do that until we got down by a bunch in the second half."

"You have to protect your home court and we didn't do that this evening. It's very disappointing."

"I know we got some competitors on this team, and I know our coaching staff is going to compete very hard so we're going to work very hard to be positive and use constructive criticism. We want our guys to compete hard every time. You're not going to play great every time out there but you can play with energy and passion always. When you're playing like that you get loose balls, rebounds and plays happen. When you're lethargic and not ready to go, you don't get those balls. Sluggish is a word that really described us in the first half."

On the UTSA defense
"They didn't double team or try to block shots. What they did, which was very good, was try to keep us a step or two outside of comfort zone and then got into us and made us shoot over the top. We were a little impatient and didn't shoot the ball well from the perimeter."

On the beginning of the game
"A big lesson for our guys is you have to play with lots of passion and energy from the beginning. On the first possession, we turned the ball over because we let a pass go through our hands. The second possession we missed a chip shot. Those are psychological plays that set the tone for the game and we didn't get off to a good start. It's my job to get them ready to play and I didn't do that and as a result we suffered a loss."

"I was concerned before the game that we would be a little flat and I knew they weren't going to be. This is a big game on their schedule and they won over there last year. They're a good basketball team and Brooks Thompson does a good job with that team."

On preparation
"We search every day for a routine to get the team prepared for the game but it's something we'll continue to work on. The biggest problem offensively the first half was we were stagnant. That usually means you're not playing with enthusiasm or energy. After we got down we finally started getting a little pep in our step but we have to play for 40 minutes."

"There's times to be relaxed and loose but there's also times you need to be focused and get to work like in scouting reports or the shoot around before the game. I don't believe you can all of a sudden show up and turn it on."

On UTSA being difficult to guard
"UTSA is a good team and executed all the way around. But again it was our lack of defense that really hurt us at the end. We didn't just defend them at all, we just didn't defend them the way we should have."

On UTSA defense
"They did a solid job defensively, but some of that was on us. A lot of our shots that we usually make, we didn't. That's what it came down too."

On the coaches message after the game
"We didn't come out and compete like we should have. That's just something we have to work on. We can't hang our heads on this one because we got to get ready to play another tough one on the road this weekend. We know what we have to do now and have to build on that for the future."



On having the ability to make a comeback
"If you look at it, we have always been a comeback team. If we could put together a solid game for 40 minutes, then if you look at the teams we played in the past, we always had the advantage. If we could work on playing a 40-minute game instead of being lackadaisical in the first half and thinking we can always come back, then we would be a better team in the future. "

On his approach to the game
"I just wanted to start strong and get to the basket. I still missed a lot of easy shots. I took 20 tonight."

On being physically strong and aggressive with his shots
"I was looking for the foul on the shots that I missed instead of going up strong. I got to stop just looking for fouls and finish stronger."

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