Postgame Qutoes: Houston 83, Houston Baptist 76

Dec. 16, 2014

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On adjustments made in the second half
“Quick shooting. Many early threes. Get the ball on the floor and drive it to the basket and get to the free throw line. It’s not a hard game. We had some obvious deficiencies. They’re not going to get fixed.”

On handling size differences
“We don’t have any size. A team like that with three 6-11 guys at 250 (pounds) or so. JC (Washington) is 6-4. Danrad Knowles is 6-9, but he makes up for his lack of height by a way of 188. We’re going to have to mix some zone in as we go. Our offense is getting a little smoother.

Jherrod (Stiggers) started point guard tonight. Every coach he’s had is rolling over, doing flips, and rolling their eyes going “Coach Sampson is nuts playing Jherrod Stiggers at point guard.” He’s never played point guard in his life. Neither has Chuck (Cavon Baker). That’s what we have. I was proud of the way we fought. Coach (Ron) Cottrell has been there for 27 years. He’s got a veteran team who knows hot to play. They’re very well coached. They know exactly what they’re doing.”

On the next game
“I’m looking forward to this stretch we’re going into. We started practice October 6. 70 days ago and we’ve played five games. We’ve played two games in the last 16 days. We need to get some rhythm and some flow. We need to get some bodies back. We need some more depth. We have four guards right now.”

On junior guard LeRon Barnes
“LeRon got in early foul trouble. LeRon is leading our conference in rebounding. He was a non-factor in the game because of his foul trouble. He played 26 minutes and shot at the goal one time. Devonta (Pollard) got in foul trouble. We’re a team who has some deficiencies, and we have to find some ways to win games. This is a good win for us.”

On the first half performance
“We did great in the first 10 minutes of the game. Every time we shot and missed we got the rebound. The frustration is missing the easy baskets. The miscommunication, the side pick and roll, are things that can be easily corrected. We did a good job on correcting those in the first half.”

On junior guard Jherrod Stiggers
“I like Stiggers. His whole career he’s been a one-trick pony. He’s a three point shooter. That’s really what he’s done his whole career. What we’re really working with him on is attacking the basket with the dribble. Also, getting into the paint.

When L.J. comes back he can kick the ball up to him earlier in the break, and let him catch it in transition and go attack. There is a lot of improvement Jherrod can make in his game. He had 33 points tonight, but he had no defensive rebounds. He had a game earlier this year where he had nine defensive rebounds.”

On the stretch between games
“It goes back to what I said earlier. We need to play some games. It’s hard to play a game and then be off 10 days. Our last game was 10 days ago. We need to get some flow. We did some things in the second half that I have not seen us do this season: positive things. The more we play the more we play together. Everything is new for these guys. I can see us getting a lot better in certain areas.”

On if he saw any positives during the game
“The execution of our offense. We did not have many assists at halftime. Chuck Baker needs to do things in the second half. Taking Jherrod off the ball, we tried to give a little more pop in our starting lineup by putting Eric (Weary Jr.) in. Eric is our second leading with 14. I said you know what, let’s put him in the starting lineup and see how he does. We’re better with Chuck at point and Jherrod off the ball. But again, it’s early in the season, and if we would have played our tenth game we would have found that out three of four games ago. With how sporadic these games have been we’re still trying to find out each other.”

“L.J. is going to come back to play here pretty soon. I have never seen L.J. play a game. I’ve seen him practice a few times, but I’ve never seen him play a game. So, I’m still learning these kids, and these kids are still learning the system. That’s a huge difference in Houston Baptist. They’ve been running that system for a long time. They know what they’re doing. Our kids are still going minute-to-minute. In the second half, we were a lot better. You can tell that we were starting to figure some things out in the second half.”

On if the guys are adjusting to their roles six games in
“I keep pointing out that it’s hard to play college basketball. The NBA’s different. You have a very short shot clock. The thing about the Lakers winning their three titles with Shaq and Kobe was their point guard was Derek Fisher. He never handled the ball. A point guard in college is completely different because of a longer shot clock. Jherrod is a lot better receiver than he is a distributor. He needs someone passing the ball. He’s not a guy who is going to get you eleven points and ten assists.”

“For us, he needs to get fourteen to sixteen points and maybe two or three assists. We need L.J. to come in and get ten, eleven or twelve points a game and average six or seven assists. He does that and everybody gets into their role. Jherrod is our starting point guard. I hope he never starts at point guard for me the rest of his life.”

On his missed shots and coming back to make some big time shots
“Coach told me to always shoot, and if I miss do not look at him. I just keep shooting. I got in trouble the first time, and he told me to keep going. I just need to let them come to me. I need to rebound more.”



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