POST GAME QUOTES: Houston 83, UT Rio Grande Valley 58

Dec. 17, 2016

Recap |  Final Stats

Opening Statement
“We came out and played really hard from the start. We were pleased with a lot of guys effort tonight. I’m disappointed with some things that we just have to keep working on. We must get our bigs to rebound, that’s the bottom line. We play these other teams that have really good offensive rebounding bigs. Our guards are going to do a good job rebounding. I’m really pleased with our guards rebounding. We emphasize that a lot obviously.

Danrad Knowles is scoring the ball better. We’re going to him, we have a lot of confidence in Knowles. Knowles only had one rebound today, that’s not going to be good enough .

With our team going on, we didn’t play well in a couple games early. We’re a lot better team today than we were then. We are going to be a lot better a month from now then we are today. Losing games is not an issue. I don’t ever worry about that. What I worry about is how do we get better. I’m excited that we have a team that can continue to get better.”

On challenging Damyean Dotson…
“(Damyean) Dotson is one of those guys that can give us more. I don’t want guys to settle. When their career is over you can’t go back and play any games. There’s a lot of finality when that horn blows.  I want to make sure we are doing the best we can. There’s certain guys we can get more out of. That’s why our practices are more intense. If I’m getting on you that means you’re pretty good.”

On Danrad Knowles being more efficient scoring…
“Let’s look at how he’s scoring. He’s catching passes and dunking balls.  The good thing is that we’re sharing the ball with Knowles. He’s being more aggressive when he gets it. He can still get better. There’s some guys bumping their heads on their ceiling every night. Knowles is not one of those guys. We can get more out of him. He’s capable of getting ten rebounds too. That’s going to be a point of emphasis the next few practices going into the game Wednesday night. We need him to rebound the ball. I’m glad he’s scoring but you don’t get medals for scoring. You get medals for contributing in your role helping your team win. I rather Knowles get five baskets and ten rebounds than seven baskets and one rebound.”



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