Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. TCU

Dec. 23, 2009

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Opening Comments

"We were firing on all cylinders offensively. We got the game going with the tempo we wanted. We pressed them to get them playing the way we wanted, we could wear them down and get them to hurry their shots, and get some easy buckets. We've got some great athletes who are in great shape due to our strength and conditioning program.

"We played a good team and a well coached team. I don't like lining up against Jimmy, as he was a great player on one of the best teams I ever coached, but TCU and UH is a great series and we should play each other in every sport at least once a year, along with all of the old Southwest conference teams, since it was one of the greatest conferences in the NCAA."

On turnovers
"We lead the country in fewest turnovers, and were second last year behind Notre Dame by a tenth of a turnover. We do a good job taking care of the ball. No one has caused our turnovers this year except ourselves. I was very pleased with the first half because TCU came out excited, and I told the coaching staff that I would be happy if we were down a couple at half. I wish this game was on TV it was so fun. High scoring games are the way college basketball should be, and it keeps the coaches out of the game."

On Aubrey Coleman's second half
"Aubrey is one of those guys who can have two points at half and then explode in the second half, and he is a great free throw shooter. He had a little problem in the Mississippi State game, and he feels really badly about that. He's a fabulous player. I don't know a more exciting player, and he does so much more than score, even though he is leading the nation in scoring. He rebounds and steals. He leads the nation in steals."

On the win
"It was a team win. Kelvin Lewis, Aubrey played great and Adam Brown... can be our third guy to get consistent high-double figures. Kendrick Washington is going to be a real force, but it is hard to get him minutes because of how fast we play and him needing to recover from his injuries."

On getting the new guys some minutes
"It's real important. I want to be able to go into league play with nine or 10 guys we can count on. We're slowly getting there although we don't have a set rotation yet. We haven't really had any easy games to get the new guys some minutes. We've had a tough schedule and I haven't been able to substitute as liberally as I'd like to but I have the past couple game. But then again, when you have seniors like Aubrey and Kelvin, you don't want them spending too much time on the bench. We need to figure out rotations around those guys."

SENIOR GUARD Aubrey Coleman
On the win

"Tonight losing wasn't an option. We could have finished the Mississippi State game out strong, but we didn't so we have to keep moving on. We need to keep up the same defensive intensity we have the past two games. We always had their point guard, who is a great player, thinking and changing his mind. We played great defense tonight."

On his slow start
"I knew my team needed me to step up. Adam (Brown) and Kelvin (Lewis) handled the load the first half, and I knew I needed to get in gear."

On winning
"It's important we continue to win. Everything is good when we keep winning. It's when you lose that people start pointing the fingers."

On 3-point shooting

"I just wanted to knock down the shots I had. I made some tough ones, and I was a little tired, but I was glad I knocked those shots down."

On Adam Brown coming off the bench
"It helps us relax. We know we have several other players coming to help us out. It's not just a two-man team; we're a team. It's real big that he's been stepping up."

On the home stand
"We have to protect the home court. We can't let anybody come and get wins on our court. That gives us extra motivation to not let anyone win here."

On trapping
"Some teams can grind us down low, but once we get into a full court pressing and trapping mode, everyone gets more relaxed and into the flow. I love to do that."



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