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Dec. 29, 2012

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Opening Statement
"I'm happy we won, but I'm not with the way we played the last seven minutes of the game. There are some areas we have to get better in, but I'm happy with some of the performances of some guys.

TaShawn (Thomas) is getting better at the free throw line. He was 7-7 last game and 8-10 this game. House was terrific from the line down the stretch.

It was a tough game for Joe (Young). With him having to go to his grandfather's funeral this morning, you never know how that's going to affect a guy or the team.

The thing that jumps out at me are the stats. They outrebounded us, had 38 points off turnovers and second shots, and that is really disappointing. We gave up 43 points in the second half, but our defense was really good in the first. We had 11 assists in the first half and two in the second. We had eight three's in the first and we had one in the second half. That three was hit by a post guy, Leon (Gibson). I blame that last seven minutes on me as far as the offense.

We have got to get better at finishing games with movement. We held the ball too long and waited on ball screens. We ran the shot clock down, but didn't have enough movement. We were just not as efficient.

Any time they get that lead down to single digits it's a huge psychological barrier for the opponent. They gained confidence and then hit some shots. We weren't as tough as we needed to be in that seven minutes, but we have five days to get ready. We'll have a chance to get better over the next week, and we plan to do that. We had some guys that did some good things.

We had nobody in double figures in rebounding. We're a better rebounding team than that. That's a mindset and a focus that we have to get better at. We made progress and we played pretty well."

On not being disciplined
"The other thing I'm really highly disappointed in was how undisciplined we were. There were situations where we have to be more disciplined."

On J.J. Thompson having to guard Jourdan DeMuynck
We were one wing short so we had to play Tione (Womack) and J.J at the same time. That's how he ended up on him. We had Tione on (Carl) Blair at the time and had J.J., who has more experience and physical on DeMuynck. He's had two good games against us."

On Prairie View A&M's offensive rebounding
"The thing that hurts us is our offensive rebounding. The loose balls and the 50-50 balls went to them. They were more aggressive and tougher. We came down and were not as efficient offensively even though we made some plays that we needed to. (Demondre) Chapman really hurt us on the board. He had five offensively, and got into double figures, and was right around the basket."

On the difference in three-point shooting of the first and second half
"We recognized and took what they gave us in the first half. We got some good open looks, but I'm a firm believer that you still have to throw the ball inside. Joe's shot right in front of the bench came in transition. That's a hard shot. If you go inside out it's a much easier shot. We preach inside out. We have to do a better job throwing it inside, but that doesn't mean we don't want our guys to shoot it."

On the team's free throw shooting
"We shot free throws pretty well except for J.J. (Thompson). All three of his were the front end of one-and-ones. We have to get to the paint and the free throw line, and we weren't very efficient on that."

On Danuel House sticking up for his teammates
"This is not the NBA. They aren't going to get fined if they don't step up. This is college, and you cannot leave the bench. The officials are going to always catch the second guy. That's the nature of the game. It's going to continue to be that way. You cannot retaliate. When something happens you have to swallow your pride and get away from it. I like the camaraderie, but when you run in there and say something you have a chance to get a technical foul. You're better off getting away from it and letting the coaches handle it, and our players know that. I want our guys to be tough, but to me that isn't a toughness play. A toughness play is getting a loose ball, getting a rebound, and taking a charge."

On if the physical play had anything to do with the previous game against Prairie View A&M
"There's no doubt it did. Both teams were out there competing. I would have been disappointed if our guys didn't have their stinger out a little bit."

On the difference playing Prairie View A&M the second time
"The first time we played them at their place, and the crowd was ridiculous. I have never played in an environment like that in my career. This time we had more confidence because we were at home. Today, we had more pop at the start of the game, and the first time we really underestimated them. This time around we knew what they were capable of and we jumped to a great start."

On playing physical
"Coach Dickey told us we needed to attack the offensive boards more. I kept telling myself to attack, and if I didn't come up with the rebound then I would try even harder for the next one."

On shooting free throws down the stretch
"I wasn't thinking about missing because I knew Coach (James) Dickey would have jumped all over me if I would have missed them. A lot of things were going through my mind, but we work on free throws so much in practice I was confident in making them."

On shooting 3-pointers in the first and second half
"In the second half we weren't balanced enough, weren't shooting the ball very well, and didn't get the right looks. You have to give credit to Prairie View because they played good defense. I spend a lot of time practicing 3-pointers. Brandon Morris and I practice shooting every day with Coach (Ronnie) Hamilton. We shoot 25 3-pointers from each spot on the court. Being able to make those shots today meant a lot to me because it showed that hard work and effort pay off."

On beating Prairie View A&M the second time
"We wanted to beat them this time because they handed us a loss early in the season. We've thought a lot about that loss for a long time, and it felt good to come out and get a win against them."



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