Meet Men's Basketball Senior Guard Adam Brown

Jan. 11, 2011

By Keleigh Beck

Senior Adam Brown finished last year's roller-coaster season by playing a major role in helping the Cougars win the Conference USA Championship title and earn a bid to the NCAA Tournament -- and he plans on doing it once again.

The San Antonio native is making his list and checking it twice and it seems he will come bearing gifts for the Houston Cougar Basketball team this holiday season.

Brown averaged 7.9 points per game last season and leads the Cougars in 2010-11 with 14.3 points per game to date. He was also responsible for five points in the C-USA Championship title game against No. 25/21 UTEP and added 11 points in the NCAA Tournament against No. 20/20 Maryland.

I recently had the chance to sit down with the guard and ask him a few questions.

Do you have any specific goals coming into your senior season?
Every senior wants to go out with a bang and have a winning season as far as the overall record. My goal is definitely to leave as conference champions.

What kind of experience did you have getting a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament?
That was one of the best experiences I've ever had a basketball player. It was the peak of my career as far as the stage that I was playing on. It was a feeling that I definitely have to have again.

What is your role on the team?
My team looks at me to lead. When we're in high-pressure situations, they look at me to perform. I'm a senior, so a lot of guys look up to me.

What brought you to the University of Houston?
Last year, Aubrey Coleman and Kelvin Lewis were premier guards in college basketball and I wanted to play under someone that was better than me, so I could get some experience from them and I wanted a chance to get to the NCAA Tournament.



What's your favorite thing about your hometown?
I like the people in San Antonio. I just like to hang out with my family and friends. We have small house gatherings.

What's your favorite NBA team?
I'm going to have to say it's not the Spurs. I do like them; I think they're a great team, but they're not my favorite team. My favorite team is the Celtics just because of their experience and the way they play; they play a traditional style.

Who is your favorite NBA player of all-time?
I don't want to be cliché and just say (Michael) Jordan, but I watched his game tapes before any of my games, and he just inspires me a lot. I'm going to have to say Jordan.

Do you have role models in your personal life?
I look at my dad. My dad has laid a path for me to follow very well. I respect him as a man and a father. He gives me good advice even through the long talks and annoying phone calls; I still look up to my father.

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not on the court?
I'm going to have to say chilling with friends. I like to laugh a lot, and I like to make people smile, so that's what I go through my day doing.

Do you have any friends on the team?
Yeah, I'm going to have to say my right-hand man is Zamal Nixon--him and Kendrick Washington. He's a character, so I like to be around him all the time.

What's the biggest challenge of being a student and athlete at the same time?
Basketball is so demanding; it takes more than half my day away. The biggest challenge is probably staying focused on schoolwork after giving so much of my time to basketball. Keeping up with my grades is probably my biggest challenge.

What's it like playing for Coach Dickey?
It's very demanding. Coach Dickey doesn't budge on his standards. We have to live up to his expectations. The most difficult thing is being consistent in everything you do. He preaches on being a well-rounded guy and doing what you're supposed to do, when you're supposed to do it, even if no one is looking.

How does it feel to be a part of a team with such a rich tradition of great basketball?
I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of my team. After last year, it was eighteen years since we'd been to the tournament, so it meant a lot. Hopefully we get even better.

What teams on your schedule are you most excited to play this season?
TCU because I actually played basketball at a junior college in Dallas, so I want to get back and see all my old friends there. It'll be a great game. I know the coach very well, so I can't wait to play there. It definitely helps the competition. People out there know what I'm capable of, so they have expectations of how I'm going to play. The coach knows how I play, and he expects me to perform, so I'll just have to get out there and compete.

What do you want to do after you graduate?
Hopefully play basketball professionally. But before anything, I want to graduate. I want to get my degree and take something up in my field; I'm majoring in psychology.

What's the most played song on your iPod?
It's a song called "Do it all" by Drake. I love that. He just talks about what he wants to do in life and how he wants to accomplish his goals. I listen to it before every game, every practice and in between class.

What's your favorite food to eat around the holiday season?
I'm going to have to say cornbread stuffing; it's just so good with gravy. It's probably what I'll have most of on my plate.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I played with a person in junior college; he was one of my friends and teammates, but he said he lived in Cyprus. He said you can see like 40-feet deep into the water, and I really just want to experience that for myself.

What's the best part of being on the team?
The best part of being on the team is having the privilege to be on this team. There are so many people on the University of Houston campus that want to lace up their shoes and come practice at 3 o'clock when we do, but they can't. Just the privilege of being here is above all.

Do you have any favorite movies?
I have a lot of favorite movies. Last year there was a movie called "Phone Booth" with Colin Ferrell, and it was great. "The Book of Eli" was excellent. I had to watch it twice to figure out what was going on, and "Law Abiding Citizen." All three of those are great movies.

Is there one thing about you that no one knows that you'd like to share?
I really put myself out there. I let people know who I am and what I'm about, so there's not much people don't know. I guess not many people know I'm originally from Indiana. I'm from Gary, Ind., and I moved to San Antonio in high school. So it says I'm from San Antonio on the roster, but I'm really from Gary.

If you could have one super-power what would it be?
I would definitely want to fly. Driving is okay, but then traffic comes along. There's walking, but then the weather comes along. There's always something. I would want to fly around everything.

If you could give the Cougars one gift during the holiday season, what would it be?
Conference championship. That's what it would be.

Brown and his Cougar teammates return to action at 2 p.m., Saturday, when they meet SMU in Moody Coliseum in Dallas. That game can be seen live on The Texas Channel on Time Warner Cable (ch. 185 in Dallas-Fort Worth) with Pete Stein calling the play-by-play action and Dave Michaels serving as analyst.

Fans outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area should check their local listings for broadcasts in their areas.

The Cougars return home to play host to Tulsa at 6 p.m., Wednesday, inside Hofheinz Pavilion. That game will be televised live on CBS College Sports.

Houston continues its brief homestand when it meets league-rival UTEP at 7 p.m., Jan. 22, inside Hofheinz Pavilion.

Fans can listen to all Cougar Basketball games on SportsTalk 790 AM with Tom Franklin calling the play-by-play action and Cougar legend Elvin Hayes serving as analyst. Games also can be heard live on UHCougars.com

Cougar men's basketball tickets are available now. Fans also can purchase the Pick-Four Pack for only $28. That ticket package is good for fans' choice of any four of Houston's remaining home games.

Fans have several options when ordering their men's basketball tickets. They can visit the Athletics Ticket Office, located on the first floor of the Athletics/Alumni Center by the UH Fan Shop, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Fans also can call 713-GO-COOGS (462-6647) or click the Tickets link at UHCougars.com to buy tickets today.

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