Houston Coach Guy V. Lewis Press Conference Quotes

April 9, 2013

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HOUSTON - On Tuesday afternoon, legendary Houston Men's Basketball head coach and new Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Guy V. Lewis and his daughter Sherry Lewis returned to Hofheinz Pavilion for a press conference with local media.

Speaking on behalf of her father, Sherry Lewis discussed her father's election to the Hall of Fame and his reaction among other topics.

On the family's thoughts on her father's election to the Basketball Hall of Fame

"We are filled with joy, and we're not upset that it took as long as it did. As one friend said, `Dad is used to winning in overtime.' My mom can't stop smiling, and Dad is enjoying the calls and visits. He was so happy about the representation by Jim Nantz yesterday (at the Hall of Fame announcement in Atlanta)."

On former players speaking on behalf of her father
"It means as deep as it can go. Elvin Hayes didn't have to do that, but he used his influence for many years. He's always been very supportive, and we are very happy for Elvin's support and for everyone's support through the years."

On Coach Lewis' reaction when he found out
"He was smiling, and he found out just like the rest of the finalists on Wednesday. It was a shock honestly, because we have been down this road before. We weren't going to believe it until it actually happened. We aren't harping on the lack of promptness of him getting in. We are happy to be back at Hofheinz because he is really at peace here."

On support from Reid Gettys
"Well, we really appreciate Reid, and everything he has done. Reid has been a great spokesman for my Dad, and has been since he was a player. He was like a son for Guy."

On the words Hall of Famer being attached to her father's name
"I wish I could speak for him, but this conversation has never come up until now. I can only imagine, and as time goes on maybe, he can tell you what it means."

On what congratulatory call meant the most
"It's just been one big happy event. I have a lot more players' numbers in my cell phone now. It's been like a reunion for all the players."

On Coach Lewis' health
"He just turned 91, and he is in his wheelchair most of the time. He looks great, and he knows what he wants to say. He's still the same Guy Lewis."

On what she would guess Coach Lewis is feeling
"I can only infer, but when he walked in, he became one with this place. His demeanor changed completely. I showed him the scoreboard, and he loved it. He's really happy to be here at the University of Houston in this arena."



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