15 Prizes in 15 Days

    Winner: Robert L. Rivera
    Winner: Kathy Thompson
    Winner: Elliott S. Owen
    Winner: Jeff Nesheim
    Winner: Bill Dietrich
    Winner: Terrance Walters
    Winner: Larry R. Collins
    Winner: Roy Bobo
    Winner: Michael Porter
    Winner: Terry Williams
    Winner: Robert Coller
    Family Friday Winner: Paul Pettit
    Winner: Malcolm Perdue
    Winner: Josephine Lazo
    Winner: Mark Brawley
    Winner: Jerry Chumley
    Winner: Thomas Nygren
    Winner: Brian T. Pool

    2012 Renewal Fifteen Prizes in Fifteen Days

    Houston Athletics will give away 15 prizes over the course of 15 days for our 2012 basketball season ticket holders who renew online or in person! If you renew online, or renew in person, at the Houston Athletics Ticket Office you will be entered to win that day's prizes and all remaining drawings Renewing before the first day (August 6) will qualify you to win all 15 prizes. Your name will remain entered until chosen or the contest ends, so renew early for the best odds! One winner will be chosen every week day, Monday through Friday for 3 weeks, August 6-August 24, and notified by Houston Athletics. Winners will also be posted above. In addition, all Family Fun Plan ticket holders who renew will have the exclusive opportunity to win the Junior Reporter prize each Family Fun Plan Friday (details listed below).

    Prize Descriptions

    Day 1 - Monday, Aug 6 - Tip-Off Kid (Must be between K-8th grade)

    Day 2 - Tuesday, Aug 7 - Ball Boy (Must be between K-8th grade)

    Day 3 - Wednesday, August 8 - Autographed Poster by 2012 Team

    Day 4 - Thursday, August 9 - Autographed Ball by 2012 Team

    Day 5 - Friday, August 10 - Autographed Ball by Coach Dickey

    Day 6 - Monday, August 13 - Houston Team Polo

    Day 7 - Tuesday, August 14 - VIP Parking for Entire Season

    Day 8 - Wednesday, August 15 - (4) Tickets to the AD Suite for a game

    Day 9 - Thursday, August 16 - Access to a suite for a game

    Day 10 - Friday, August 17 - Courtside Seats for a game

    Day 11 - Monday, August 20 - Personal Video Board Message at a home game

    Day 12 - Tuesday, August 21 - Mascot appearance at a company function

    Day 13 - Wednesday, August 22 - Shoot Around at Hofheinz Arena for 10 People

    Day 14 - Thursday, August 23 - Dinner for (4) with Coach Dickey

    Day 15 - Friday, August 24 - Guest Coach for a Game

    Family Fun Plan Friday

    In addition to the great prizes given throughout the week, Family Fun Plan ticket holders who renew will have an exclusive opportunity to win the chance to be a Junior Reporter at a post-game press conference at one home basketball game during the 2012 season.

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