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Sunday, Aug. 25
» Camp Insider: Game Week
» Practice #21

Thursday, Aug. 22
» Football Luncheon
» Practice #20

Wednesday, Aug. 21
» Camp Insider: Jackson & Mcdonald
» Camp Insider: Ayers & Hines
» Practice #19

Tuesday, Aug. 20
» Camp Insider: Tyus Bowser
» Practice #18

Monday, Aug. 19
» Camp Insider: Farrow and Mathews
» Practice #17

Sunday, Aug. 18
» Practice #16

Saturday, Aug. 17
» Camp Insider: Scrimmage Day
» Practice #15

Friday, Aug. 16
» Camp Insider: Rain Delay

Thursday, Aug. 15
» Camp Insider: Practice at the Bubble
» Practice at Texans

Wednesday, Aug. 14
» Camp Insider: Texans Practice
» Texans Practice Photos

Tuesday, Aug. 13
» Camp Insider: Glenn and Webb
» Practice #13 Photos

Monday, Aug. 12
» Camp Insider: Redman and Eiland
» Practice #12 Photos
» Practice #11 Photos

Saturday, Aug. 10
» Camp Insider: Nick Thurman
» Practice #10 Photos
» Practice #9 Photos

Friday, Aug. 9
» Practice #8 Photos

Thursday, Aug. 8
» Meet McCloskey and Tucker
» Camp Insider: Full Pads
» Practice #7 Photos
» Practice #6 Photos

Wednesday, Aug. 7
» Meet John O'Korn and Greg Ward
» Practice #5 Photos

Tuesday, Aug. 6
» Meet Nomlius Fruge
» Practice #4 Photos

Monday, Aug. 5
» Camp Insider: Day 3
» Practice #3 Photos

Sunday, Aug. 4
» Practice #2 Photos

Saturday, Aug. 3
» Camp Insider: Day 1
» Practice #1 Photos
» Media Day Press Conference
» Media Day Quotes
» Fan Appreciation Day

2013 Schedule
8/30 vs. Southern
9/7 at Temple
9/21 vs. Rice
9/28 at UTSA
10/12 vs. Memphis
10/19 vs. BYU
10/26 at Rutgers
10/31 vs. USF
11/9 at UCF
11/16 at Louisville
11/23 vs. Cincinnati
11/29 vs. SMU

| Houston Football Media Guide

 Sunday, Aug. 25

 Thursday, Aug. 22

Just eight days remain from Houston's season opener vs. Southern at Reliant Stadium and the Cougars held the same style of practice they'll hold every Thursday this season, a one-hour workout in helmets and shock tops.

Houston will return Friday with a regeneration day with weight lifting workouts and team meetings scheduled throughout the day.

Just eight days remain, if you haven't ordered your tickets yet, we encourage you to do so now. Fans can call 713-GO-COOGS (462-6647) or 877-COUGAR-5 (268-4275) to purchase or renew season tickets.

 Wednesday, Aug. 21

With two-a-days over and the focus turned to game week practices, Houston held the style of practice it will hold every Wednesday this season, a two-hour session in helmets and shoulder pads.

The grind of fall camp, now in its third week, and having to face the same players day-after-day has begun to wear on a few players although the constant reminder the team is just nine days away from its season opener vs. Southern quickly snaps everyone back to reality.

Following practice, head coach Tony Levine announced the starting quarterback race has been whittled down to three in no particular order and listed here strictly in alphabetical order - John O'Korn, David Piland and Greg Ward Jr.

Wednesday's workout also meant the return of left guard Ty Cloud, who had been dinged up and missed the last few days of practice.

Houston returns to the practice field Thursday evening for a one-hour session in helmets and shocks.

 Tuesday, Aug. 20

The Houston Football program returned to the Houston Texans' bubble for the second time this fall Tuesday as the threat of lightning in the area chased the team off its practice fields.

The two-hour workout in full pads featured several live sessions with full pass rush to give both sides a preview of next Friday's home opener.

Following practice, head coach Tony Levine announced to media the starting offensive line while left guard Ty Cloud recovers from a minor injury. Ralph Oragwu has taken over duties at left tackle while Rowdy Harper slides to left guard. Bryce Redman and Kevin Forsch remain at center and right guard, respectively, while Zach Johnson steps into the right tackle role.

With the cancellation of Tuesday's open practice for 2013 season ticket holders, Levine also invited all season ticket holders to Wednesday's practice beginning at 6 p.m. at the Houston Football practice facility.

 Monday, Aug. 19

With the completion of two-a-days, the Houston Football program opened its third week of the preseason up with a practice that replicates a game week practice Monday evening. The team held its one-hour "Sunday" practice in helmets and shoulder pads on its new practice fields.

Following practice head coach Tony Levine announced that he could name his starting quarterback as soon as tomorrow and as late as the end of the week.

Houston returns to the field Tuesday with the practice it will hold each Tuesday of this season's game weeks, a two-hour session in full pads.

 Sunday, Aug. 18

Making up a session lost to recent thunderstorms, the Houston Football program returned to the fields Sunday evening for a two-hour session that began in tough heat before the high temperatures eased off.

Following practice, head coach Tony Levine announced freshman Tyler McCloskey has switched from linebacker to running back and defensive tackle Mike Mustafa's transfer waiver had been approved, allowing the sophomore from Katy, Texas, to suit up for the Cougars this season.

With McCloskey's position change, the Houston native will switch jerseys from 54 to 45 while LB Cameron Doubenmier switches from 45 to 54.

With the end of two-a-days on Saturday, Houston will now officially begin practicing in game week mode with a one-hour practice Monday evening following meetings throughout the afternoon.

 Saturday, Aug. 17

The Houston Football program held its final two-a-day practice of the fall camp Saturday with a one-hour session in the morning and a two-hour workout in the afternoon including a 50-minute scrimmage.

Larry McDuffey's juggling-touchdown grab highlighted the scrimmage as the sophomore wide receiver was able to maintain concentration and corral a ball that deflected over his head. Running back Randall Hollimon punched in a goaline touchdown for the other score of the evening.

The defense took command early on in the scrimmage as Eric Eiland registered the first sack on a third-down situation. Jon Witten, Vincent Hall and William Moore added sacks to the defensive while Adrian Bennet recovered a fumble.

The team returns to work Sunday afternoon with a quick workout to open its final two-week period before the season kicks off Aug. 30 vs. Southern.

 Friday, Aug. 16

Heavy thunderstorms rolled through the downtown Houston area Friday evening forcing the Houston Football team inside where its practice was cut down from a two-hour session to a 45-minute walkthrough followed by a few of the position groups participating in individual drills.

The team returns to practice Saturday for its final two-a-day of the fall camp. Action kicks off with an hour-long session in the morning before a two-hour scrimmage complete with officials from The American Athletic Conference

 Thursday, Aug. 15

Heavy rains soaked the downtown Houston area Friday morning turning Houston's two-a-day workout into one practice session. With rain forecasted in the afternoon, the team moved its two-hour workout s scheduled for the evening to the Houston Texans' practice bubble.

Once inside, action kicked off with special teams action that was highlighted by booming punts from Richie Leone and Dylan Seibert. After individual drills, the team went into run and passing game workouts with the passing game focusing on vertical routes and Ryan Jackson making several impressive cuts in the run game.

True freshmen continued to impress and push returning players for playing time as the team has officially hit the halfway point of camp with just 15 days remaining until its season opener. Houston coaches will turn their attention to the difficult task of compiling a depth chart in the near future.

Houston returns to action Friday with a two-hour full pads workout complete with officials from The American Athletic Conference who will breakdown all NCAA rule changes for the team throughout the weekend.

 Wednesday, Aug. 14

Wednesday started with the Houston Football team boarding busses and heading over to the Houston Texans' Training Center to take in the Texans' morning workout that included former Houston lettermen Case Keenum and David Hunter.

Following a regeneration pool session and meetings throughout the day, storms moved into the downtown Houston area and forced the team inside where the Cougars held a previously-planned short one-hour session in t-shirts and shorts.

The team returns Thursday evening with two-hour full pads session in the evening following team and position meetings throughout the day.

 Tuesday, Aug. 13

Full pads returned Tuesday for the Houston Football program as it held practice #13. The two-hour evening session followed the preseason script with special teams preceding individual drills. The team then moved 7-on-7 drills before finishing with team drills.

In team drills, middle linebacker Derrick Mathews had the hit of the day, popping receiver Larry McDuffey on his journey across the middle. McDuffey did hold on to the ball to complete the catch, however.

Other highlights from the workout included Greg Ward Jr. rolling out to his left to find wideout Andrew Rodriguez in the back of the end zone, linebacker George Bamfo showing his speed for a big sack and Ryan Jackson showing off his quickness with a touchdown burst around the right side of the line.

On Wednesday morning Houston will board busses and head over to the Houston Texans' Methodist Training Center to take in the Texans' morning workout that includes former Houston lettermen Case Keenum and David Hunter. Following a regeneration pool session and meetings throughout the day, the Cougars will hold a short one-hour session in t-shirts and shorts.

 Monday, Aug. 12

Monday opened the second week of preseason practice for the Houston Football program as it knocked out Practice #11 and #12 in its third two-a-day of camp.

The day opened up with a 30 minutes of position meetings before a one-hour session for all newcomers in helmets and shock tops. Special teams and position group meetings were again held in the afternoon before the Cougars hit the practice fields for a two-hour session in helmets and shoulder pads.

Monday evening's practice saw freshman Chauntez Jackson don a white defensive jersey for the first time this year as he worked at defensive end and collected two sacks during team drills. Following practice UH Head Coach Tony Levine announced that Jackson will play both offense and defense this season and 10 true freshmen are currently apart of Houston's two deep depth chart.

Houston returns to practice Tuesday evening a 6 p.m. A reminder that the session will be open to those who purchase single-game tickets to Houston's opener vs. Southern on Aug. 30. Tickets for the game go on sale Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. with prices ranging from $27 to $42. Fans will be asked to show tickets or ticket receipts for entry to the practices. Entry to the practice will be located at the southeast corner of the Carl Lewis Track and Field Complex.

To purchase tickets, fans can call 713-GO-COOGS (462-6647) or 877-COUGAR-5 (268-4275) or visit the Athletics Ticket Office, located on the first floor of the Athletics/Alumni Center from 8 a.m., to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or click here.

 Sunday, Aug. 11

UH Football to Open Two Preseason Practices

The University of Houston Football program will open two preseason practices to selected ticket holders it announced Sunday. Fans who purchase single-game tickets to Houston's home opener vs. Southern will be allowed admission to the Cougar's practice on Tuesday, Aug. 13, while season-ticket holders will have access to the team's practice on Tuesday, Aug. 20.


 Practice #10 - Saturday, Aug. 10

Day #8 of Houston Football's preseason camp has come and gone much like the scattered thunderstorms that delayed practice #9 Saturday morning and looked to threaten practice #10 in the evening.

Saturday morning's start time was pushed back 30 minutes due to heavy rain in the area. After the storms passed, several newcomers donned helmets and shoulder pads for an hour-long workout while many of the veterans took time in the film room critiquing their first week of practice. Individual position work started the practice before moving into one-on-one battles between the receivers and defensive backs.

Saturday night's session saw the first scrimmage activity of the fall with officials on hand to enforce penalties. Richie Leone and freshman Tyus Bowser each had 50-yard scoring plays albeit in totally different ways. In first-team special teams action, Leone drilled a 50-yard field goal through the practice field's south goal post with room to spare.

Bowser made perhaps the defensive play of the night leaping up from his defensive end position to snare a pass and return it 50 yards to practice field's north end zone. Sophomore safety Adrian McDonald continued to produce turnovers this fall with a fumble recovery in Saturday's team action while John O'Korn later got on the board with a touchdown pass to junior wide receiver Aaron Johnson.

While the Cougars receiver their first day off from practice Sunday, they will still have organized pool workouts beginning at 2 p.m. followed by position and special teams meetings later in the afternoon. The team returns to the practice field on Monday for its third two-a-day session.

 Practice #9 - Saturday, Aug. 10

After a heavy morning rain pushed practice back 30 minutes, the Cougars took in a light session Saturday. The players donned just helmets and shoulder pads for the morning work with this evening's practice and a brief scrimmage to follow.

Many of the veterans took the time to the film room giving many newcomers the opportunity to receive reps. Individual position work started the practice before moving into one-on-one battles between the receivers and defensive backs.

Houston closed out the practice with 11-on-11 work. Check back with UHCougars.com for Saturday's update tonight.

 Practice #8 - Friday, Aug. 9

Houston closed out its first week of practice Friday evening with a two-hour session in helmets and shoulder pads. Following its first full pads practice Thursday night, the team opened the day with walk thru and weight lifting sessions.

On the hottest day of camp this fall the team spent the majority of practice in individual drills and 7-on-7 work. In full team action, the defense provided the heat on the field Friday night as it broke up several passing plays while limiting the run the majority of the night.

The Cougars get back to action on Saturday with their second two-a-day practice this season. The team will hit the field at 9 a.m. for a one-hour session in helmet and shock tops before returning at 6 p.m. for a two-hour full pads practice.

 Practice #7 - Thursday, Aug. 8

The Houston Football program hit the field Thursday for its two-a-day practice and its first workout in full pads. After the morning's session in helmets and shoulder pads, the team hit the field for the first time this fall with pads on their legs for a two-hour session in the evening.

Following the standard practice schedule of specials team work and individual drills before heading into 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 workouts, the team practiced in triple-digit heat with Houston's downtown skyline as a backdrop.

In 7-on-7 work, Xavier Maxwell and Zach McMillian had a back-and-forth series with Maxwell grabbing a long 40-yard pass from David Piland before McMillian returned the favor with a leaping interception just a few plays later.

Not to be outdone by McMillian, sophomore Adrian McDonald made possibly the catch of the day with a leaping one-handed interception later in the 7-on-7 drill.

Once the team moved to the synthetic turf field for 11-on-11 work, Maxwell again impressed with a catch-and-run from the right hash. The offensive package continues to evolve and provide more threats to the defense as Houston's quarterbacks continually showed the ability to escape the pocket and make plays downfield with their feet. Following walk thrus and lifting sessions in the morning, UH returns to the practice field Friday for practice #8, a two-hour session at 6 p.m.

 Practice #6 - Thursday, Aug. 8

The Houston Football program returned to its practice fields Thursday morning in its first of two practices of the day. Houston's first two-a-day session will be capped off this evening with the team's first practice in full pads. Thursday's morning session was held in helmets and shoulder pads with individual drills the focus prior to 11-on-11 drills at the end of the workout. Check back with UHCougars.com this evening for a full recap of the day's activites.

 Practice #5 - Wednesday, Aug. 7

After a regeneration session in the UH Natatorium Wednesday morning, the Houston Football team held practice #5 of the fall camp Wednesday evening at the team's practice facility. The one-hour session in-degree heat was held in t-shirt and shorts focused on grasping the intricacies of this year's offense and defense.

Houston has also added four more FBS transfers who will walk on the program Wednesday - WR Hayden Daniels (Illinois), RB Jalynn McClain (San Jose State), WR Cameron Oliver (UL Monroe) and DB Tyler White (Utah).

Thursday marks the program's first two-a-day practice and the first day the team will strap on full pads. After spending the morning's one-hour session in helmets and shock pads before hitting the field at 6 p.m. in full pads.

 Practice #4 - Tuesday, Aug. 6

The Houston Football program returned to its practice fields Tuesday for practice #4, its second practices in as many days that players were allowed to strap on shoulder pads.

The customary special teams session kicked things off with four players - Larry McDuffey, Damian Payne, Donald Gage III and Demarcus Ayers - receiving a look at the punt return position.

Steven Aikens highlighted 11-on-11 action later in practice with a nice interception on a ball that was deflected by an outstretched hand at the line of scrimmage.

Junior college transfer William Jackson officially joined the team on the practice fields Tuesday evening. The sophomore cornerback comes to Houston from Trinity Valley CC. Marcus Dillard will look to officially join the program on Wednesday as well. The sophomore spent the 2012 season at Butler CC.

Houston has also added three FBS transfers who will walk on the program - DB Jeremy Johnson (West Virginia), DT Mike Mustafa (Oklahoma State) and P Dylan Seibert (Oklahoma).

 Practice #3 - Monday, Aug. 5

Monday marked the third day of the five-day NCAA acclimation period and the first that the Houston team could don shoulder pads after being limited to just helmets to open camp. With the extra padding came new sounds as thud of pads rang out across the new practice facility.

The customary specials teams session opened Monday's practice before position drills were conducted with the defense on the new synthetic turf and the offense moving to the natural grass practice field. The full team came back together for the second hour of practice on the turf field for full 11-on-11 action that featured a fast-paced, up-tempo offense.

Following the workout, head coach Tony Levine met with the media and gave an update on the Houston quarterback competition: "Greg Ward is definitely our #1 quarterback. John O'Korn is our #5 quarterback. We have David Piland as our #8 quarterback and Billy Cosh at #9. Bram Kohlhausen is #16." For a full Houston roster with jersey numbers, click here.

Houston returns to action Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. with a two-hour session in helmets and shoulder pads. A reminder that all practices are closed to the public. Make sure to stay with UHCougars.com for all the latest updates.

 Practice #2 - Sunday, Aug. 4

One day after its initial practice of the 2013 season, the Houston Football team returned to its new practice fields Sunday for a quick one-hour session in t-shirts and shorts. After a special teams session on the recently-installed synthetic turf field, the majority of the team moved to its natural grass field for seven-on-seven drills while both offensive and defensive lines worked in individual sessions.

The Cougars return to the practice fields Monday evening at 6 p.m. for a two-hour session as they don shoulder pads for the first time this fall. Prior to hitting the field, Houston's Chancellor, Dr. Renu Khator, will address the team in the Carl Lewis Auditorium.

 Practice #1 - Saturday, Aug. 3

"I speak for myself, our staff, our football student athletes and everybody within our program when I say that today could not get here fast enough"

Head Coach Tony Levine

After officially reporting Friday night, the Houston Football program capped off a 12-hour Saturday with its first practice, a two-hour session in helmets, t-shirts and shorts. The team opened the day with its annual preseason media day beginning at 9 a.m. with group photos and individual headshots and video board shots.

Following position group and special teams meetings, the team ate lunch before hitting the indoor turf of Yeoman Fieldhouse for Fan Appreciation Day and the Cougar Youth Experience. After two hours of interacting with Houston fans, the team made its way to its new practice fields for its first on-field session of the fall of 2013.

Houston returns to the field on Sunday for an hour-long practice at 6 p.m. before a team meeting to review new NCAA college football rule changes.

 UH Media Day - Saturday Aug. 3

Head coach Tony Levine, defensive coordinator David Gibbs, offensive coordinator Doug Meacham and several student-athletes met with the press at UH Media Day.

Click here for more on Media Day.

 Friday, Aug. 2

The Houston Football program officially reported for the 2013 season on Friday as it started things off with the Houston Football Family Kick-Off Luncheon on the turf of Yeoman Fieldhouse. Over 450 family members joined the team for its annual family meal to open fall camp.

Those who had not been fitted for their equipment prior to Friday visited Jay Takach and Victor Ignatiev in UH's equipment room before the team made its way to Carl Lewis Auditorium for its first meeting of the fall. After opening remarks from Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Mack Rhoades, the team heard from the compliance, academics, equipment, nutrition, communications, FCA and sports medicine departments before head coach Tony Levine addressed the team.

The Cougars return to the Athletics/Alumni Center for a jam-packed Saturday culminating with the first practice of the 2013 season at 6 p.m., an event that is open to the public.

The team will open the day with its annual media day Saturday morning before breaking into team meetings prior to Fan Appreciation Day and the Cougar Youth Experience from 3:30-5:30 p.m. inside Yeoman Fieldhouse. Coaches and players from the Houston football, soccer and volleyball programs will be available inside the Athletics/Alumni Center during the two-hour time period for autograph signings, photos and to help run the Cougar Youth Experience where Houston's younger fans will have the opportunity to run through individual athletic drills much like today's student-athletes.

Due to NCAA regulations, the Cougar Youth Experience is only available for those eighth grade or younger. Those with children interested in participating in the Cougar Youth Experience should RSVP via e-mail to Tory Teykl at tteykl@central.uh.edu. Onsite registration will also be available.

Fans will also be able to meet costumed mascot Shasta, take pictures with Andre Ware's Heisman Trophy and with the Cougar Dolls and Houston cheerleaders. The 2013 posters for three sports programs will be available for fans prior to autograph signings.

Practice Schedule

*Practices are closed to the public.

Date Practice Time
Aug. 3 #1 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 4 #2 6-7:15 p.m.
Aug. 5 #3 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 6 #4 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 7 #5 6-7:15 p.m.
Aug. 8 #6 9-10 a.m.
Aug. 8 #7 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 9 #8 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 10 #9 9-10 a.m.
Aug. 10 #10 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 12 #11 9-10 a.m.
Aug. 12 #12 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 13 #13 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 14 #14 6-7:15 p.m.
Aug. 15 #15 9-10 a.m.
Aug. 15 #16 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 16 #17 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 17 #18 9-10 a.m.
Aug. 17 #19 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 19 #20 6-7 p.m.
Aug. 20 #21 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 21 #22 6-8 p.m.
Aug. 22 #23 6-7 p.m.
Aug. 23 #24 6-7 p.m.
Aug. 24 #25 6:30-7:30 p.m.
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