Football Quotes vs. Texas State

Sept. 5, 2010

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On team's performance

"Our first units did what we asked them to do. Our guys came out and played well. Our defense created some turnovers giving our offense great field position early on. Our special teams did really well. Our offense put up big numbers and we executed well."

On the defensive changes
"Well, obviously we have a different philosophy, but our guys that we went to war with in the first half gave us really good production. We've got some things to build off of. I was happy. We couldn't have had a better situation for Matt Nicholson, the guy who comes back off of a knee injury and gets a pick six. I couldn't be happier for him."

On sellout for season opener
"I was hoping that would be the first question. I got word today on the way to the stadium that it was a sellout. I want to thank our fans for that. They don't know what kind of atmosphere that created for our players. Word started spreading through the locker room, and that really got them excited. "

On Cotton Turner
"We made the decision in the second half to give him some snaps. He made the right reads; he did very well."

On the game

"It was a good game for us. We saw a lot of things we need to work on, and we saw some things we did well. It was definitely a learning experience. We're going to get a lot better after watching"

On breaking the school's passing records in yards and completions
"It's cool. It's something that's really special and something that I think about. This school has a history of great quarterbacks in the past, and it's not something to take lightly. I definitely respect all those guys and want to follow in the path that they blazed."

On playing in front of a sellout crowd
"I really can't say enough or really put into words what having a crowd like that means. I asked on the way over here when the last time we sold out a season opener was, and there's no telling when it's been. It's incredible that we have that amount of support from fans. It's just awesome; there's really nothing else I can even say."

On how the team played
"We had a few plays early that broke, and we've got some guys that can move. We have some guys that can do special things when you put the ball in their hands. Texas State came out and put some pressure on us early, and we caught them in a blitz them here and there. We've got to give it to them; they played really hard. Their quarterback Tyler Arndt is a freshman, and he's going to be a heck of a football player. He made some freshman mistakes, but he's going to get a lot better and be a great football player when it gets down to it."

On team's offensive play
"It's nice in a season opener; it's nice coming out and seeing our offense work against someone else and not just our own team. We've put a lot of effort into it and to see it pay off for a bunch of guys is just awesome. It was great to see Matt Nicholson out there again and seeing him get that interception for a touchdown was incredible for him. The path that he had to go down to get here, it's almost surreal seeing him out there."

On coming back after an injury

"You come back out there the first couple of series and once you make a hit, you're thinking `okay, it's back to normal. I can do this.'"

On his interception
"They ran a screen pass, and it just hit the guy's hands. It came right into my lap, and I caught it and just ran for dear life. I'm still out of breath. It's the kind of thing you dream about. My heart is still beating fast."

On the game against UTEP being a revenge game
"We definitely don't forget about what happened last year. It's an important conference game. It's a home game, and we're going to get in there tomorrow and start getting prepared. We're going to treat it like any other game and just take it one game at a time."

On the Texas State game being a sellout
"It was great. That's a huge step for our program. We haven't gotten turnouts like that in the past, and we'd like it to continue. Our program is going to do big things in the next couple of years."

On the defense

"We did great; towards the end we gave up a little bit. We had at least five freshmen out there that got good playing experience out there."

On the atmosphere
"We're excited about the season and glad that everyone else is excited. We feel that we have a lot of unfinished business from last year, and we're ready to take care of it."

On the performance of freshman quarterback Tyler Arndt

"He made some mistakes early, but he settled down and he moved us down the field very well"

On the skill level of Houston
"They are a good football team, and we could not duplicate the speed that they had."

On the hard luck moments in the first half
"Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. The team was down only 20-7; then we threw an interception. Things just snowballed from that point."

On the play of the offensive line
"We are going to go look at the film and make some changes."

On the lack of quit the team displayed
"The good news is that the team did not come out and quit. We could have come out and said to heck with it, but we didn't. That's the solid part, and if you have that you can get better."

On the quarterback controversy
"We are going to play both quarterbacks; That is what we wanted to do tonight"

On the defense
"We didn't tackle anybody. That makes it tough. When you are on the defensive side of the ball, you are supposed to make tackles."

On the things the team can take from this game
"We came out the second half, and there were some special plays that happened on both sides of the ball and on special teams. That's a step in the right direction. We are going to get better."



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