Houston Football Postgame Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 8, 2011

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On this being UH's best played game of the year

"Our guys executed on all phases. We had one missed field goal, but it was 55 yards; even the execution to get to that point right before the half was good. We made plays when we needed to offensively, got everybody involved. I thought we were able to run the ball extremely effectively in the game and really get into a rhythm offensively. Defensively, we had a good plan and we were able to pressure the quarterback. We gave up some yards but all in all it was a great team effort. To go out and have that kind of defensive performance gives us some hope... it gives us some spark."

On having a greater sense of urgency than they have recently since the UCLA game
"I don't know it that's the case. I think we're pretty urgent every week. Coaches all over America are getting teams ready to play. Our guys have been playing hard. A coach told me a long time ago `you can play as hard as you want but if you're not doing what you need to do, you've got no chance.' You've got to be able to execute."

On the secondary picking up the slack of the injured players/players that usually start
"That really speaks to the unselfishness of this football team. I think that shows how badly they want to win and when you have a team with that mindset, I think that speaks volumes to what type of team we are right now."

On the importance of being in the Top 25
"As players and as a team, its probably not as important as it is to our university and our fan base. It is something to be proud of. We talked as a team about what our goals are. If we continue to win, those things take care of themselves. I know it sounds like coach speak, but we don't control that. We control what we do during the week and how we play. If we keep playing the way we are then that will take care of itself. This is where we want to be. We want to win conference championships and we want to be a Top 25 football team."

On the quarterbacks
"We had a lot better tempo tonight. Whenever we've been able to operate on back-to-back 700-yard weeks, you can't do that without the guys up front beign able to perform. We're getting good plays from our offensive line."

On this being a complete game

"The defense did a great job. They made huge stops tonight. We executed pretty well on offense so with that and defense playing well; it was a good game."

On the game being up tempo
"We always try to be push up the tempo. Credit needs to be given to the offensive line for being in shape and getting plays done."

On playing really well at home
"Its great to play in front of a home crowd. Our fans, especially our students, did a great job on being loud. Them being loud gives us energy to execute. We're getting better as the season goes along. We are executing early, having an early game plan, and getting into the middle of things."


"Going into the game we knew they had a real powerful offense. They play the same offense as us so we knew we couldn't let them get on top of us. We couldn't turn the game into a shoot-out."

On having a tremendous start
"On defense you want to get the tone set early. You want to show other guys that this was all business. My mindset going into the game was that I was going to go out there and attack early and go get it."

Thoughts on it being a complete game
"We definitely know that this was a great win, but we still need to work on some things. We are going to enjoy it and get ready for the next game. Marshall is a great team and we are going to be ready for them."

On the bye week helping injured players come back
"We have a couple of guys out, but with this bye week they'll be back and ready to attack."

On the great offensive performance

"It was a great offensive performance. We preach every week that we need to come out fast and just score. We just keep our foot on the gas and score every drive we get."

On the defense
"The defense played great! They made plays all across the board."

On the bye week coming at a good time
"We got certain people banged up on defense and this will help everyone get their feet back under them and come out recharged."

On improvements the team needs to make
"We just need to keep our eye on the prize and keep coming out fast. The defense needs to get turnovers and we need to get into good field position."

On the performance of the defense tonight

"Tonight I have to give credit to my D-Line. They put a lot of pressure on the quarterback, caused him to throw a lot of bad balls that just fell right in my hand."

"We were trying to play a complete game and get a shut-out, but we did some bad things and missed some assignments. Next week we'll fix that and be ready for the week after that."

On having a bye week next week
"It's the perfect time for a bye. We've got some guys injured so they'll be ready to come back next week. We've got time to heal and rest a little bit."

On what the defense needs to work on
"We still are working on stopping the run and we need to work on our pass defense too. We are just going to keep working on what we need to work on and get better."

On their great performance with so many injured players
"We just went our there and fought. We knew we had some hurt guys and we knew we needed to step up. I felt like the young guys came in and did a great job of stepping up their game."

On coming back from doubts after last week's performance
"We don't really pay attention to the outside doubters. We came in, we knew what we had to do, we played Cougar defense and we got it done."

On having an extra day of preparation
"The extra day (that they didn't have) gave us a jump on them and that helped. And next week we're going to get another jump on the next team. I think we should play a pretty good game the week after next."

On having fun in the game today
"It was fun because before we went out there I thought the D-Line was making all the plays. Next thing you know he threw the ball right to me so it was pretty fun."

On setting the tone early on defense
"We knew we had to come out there and score fast and we knew if we got the ball offense could score. We went out there got the three and out after the score, and then the offense went out there and scored again. It was like if we keep stopping, offense will keep scoring."

On if this was the best defensive performance tonight
"I think it's us. We've come out and played slow and let teams get a big lead on us. And with tonight we knew we couldn't do that because they're a good team. They can get up and beat us, so we knew we had to start fast."

On making a big impact in coverage tonight
"I told the defensive coordinator, Coach Stew, that I like covering. He put me out there on an island today and I showed him I could do a little covering."

On covering their big receivers
"During our game planning we knew we couldn't let them do crosing routes. As a linebacker we told them to knock them off their routes and mess up the offensive timing. I feel like we did a lot of messing up the timing and our defensive line put a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks."

On using the depth in the secondary
"When we came in on Thursday we figured out another player couldn't play. Coach told the young guys they were going to have to step up and have to play because we need them. So they stepped up and played well."

On his performance tonight

"It's a great feeling knowing that we can run the ball."

On the performance of the offensive line
"They did a great job of blocking. That opened it up for the receivers knowing that we can throw the ball too."

On tonight being a statement game
"We are just coming out and showing everyone what we can do. We came out fast tonight, that's what we've been preaching all season, just come out and start fast."

On his team's performance tonight

"This one is on me. Like I told the kids all the mistakes are on me and I can handle that. We got beat by a better team tonight. They outplayed us on both sides of the ball. Kevin (Sumlin) did a great job getting his ball club ready to play. We faced one of the best quarterbacks I've faced in a long time in Case Keenum. He did a great job orchestrating his offense. Coach Brian Stewart did a great job defending our offense. He did a great job. This one is on me. We have to rebound from it. This is a tough time right now being 1-4. This was probably the worst game we've played as a football team this year. I thought we made a lot of mistakes and as a team we didn't play very well. As far as the team I've asked them to stay strong and stay together. I told them I'd come out here and handle this and I'm more prepared to do that."



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