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Oct. 13, 2012

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Opening Statement
"I just told the team that this was another great team win for us. What I mean by that is that offensively, defensively and in the kicking game we did some good things to help us win today.

We won this game because of preparation. Our players and coaches are gaining confidence in what it takes to win a football game, and not necessarily a close game, but to play like we need to and execute our plays. I was proud of them.

It's going to be a great challenge with the short week ahead. Our staff right now is already back at the facility, and I'm headed there as soon as I'm done here. I told the team as well after the game, I'm over this win and on to SMU now, and they need to be too.

I liked their energy. I like how we came out in the second half and executed the few adjustments that we made. It was a big statement to come down and score a touchdown, and then hold them on defense. That put the game out of reach and gave us momentum."

On the Blazer's young quarterback and blitzing on defense today
"We blitzed quite a bit today. I give our defensive coaches a lot of credit on that. They've done a great job the last few games in drawing up schemes defensively to bring pressure and on attacking their pass protection. We did an excellent job on that this afternoon.

We sacked the quarterback around eight times. Austin Brown is a talented player. He is as tough a quarterback as I've ever seen. I've got a lot of respect for their coaching staff and [head coach] Garrick McGee. They are a young football team, who plays extremely hard and is getting better every week. I was proud of our defense for flying around and creating turnovers."

On multiple receivers stepping up for the Cougars this season
"It's been a combination of a number of things, particularly injuries and then those guys not getting to practice as much. Shane Ros is one of our best special teams players we have. He did a great job at practice last week as we were getting Daniel Spencer back into the swing of things. We have a versatile offense with Charles Sims, Larry McDuffey, Ronnie Williams and many others making contributions. It's not a secret that we try to get the ball to Charles Sims. We don't go into the game saying lets get [Shane] Ros or [Deontay] Greenberry the ball 12 times. Sometimes we have to see what defense we are going up against and what their game plan is. Shane Ros won't be paying for school much longer. That's why I love college football. I get to be around 125 18 to 22-year-olds and see them grow during that time."



On the offense being more fluid then the last few games
"The play calling, preparation, how we attack schemes and getting Charles Sims healthy has without question helped us. David Piland is doing a fantastic job. He has become one of our leaders in a short period of time. He's doing a great job. He delivers the ball and he makes great decisions. I can't say enough about the job Piland is doing. He is getting into a rhythm, which was a word I used back in September when we were struggling with that. When he gets in a rhythm, he is really good."

On the performance of the linebacker core
"Our linebackers are playing well. I'll have to see the film to look at missed tackles, but Coach Bryant did a good job of picking and choosing which plays to blitz. On almost every down he mixed it up and disguised it well. Derrick Matthews was all over the field today. Phillip Steward, again with a great game and an interception. Everett Daniels is a tackling machine. They are all big contributors. I'm proud of our linebackers; they did a great job today."

On the six field goals today, five from the red-zone
"It's nice to have one of the best kickers in the nation with [Matt] Hogan, but we would prefer seven over three. We have to do a better job of that, and I give UAB credit. They weren't going to let us run the ball. When you get inside the 10 and the field is condensed, your passing game is limited. We've got to do a better job of finishing and executing blocks in the red-zone."

On the players who came out injured today
"I don't have any news yet. Our head trainer, Doc O'Shea, just told me he will come over and see me in the next few hours and give me an update in the office. Lloyd Allen got injured in practice on Wednesday and he is doubtful for this Thursday. Trevon Stewart, Zeke Riser and Kevin Forsch went out. Forsch was dehydrated but will fine for Thursday. I'll know more about Riser and Stewart tonight."

On the big play on defense in the first quarter to force the Blazers to turn the ball over
"We did some things that were uncharacteristic of us early. That stop defensively was big for us. Football is a big game of momentum swings. It brought the momentum back toward our sideline. I was proud of our defense. Any time you are able to come out on defense and stop them or get a turnover, that's huge for our offense. That was a big a play and as big a series as there was for the entire game."

On Matt Hogan's career day
"Matt Hogan is really special to this team. I've got so much confidence in him. I've been around a lot of good kickers, and mentally he's as good as anybody in the country. He is really in the zone, especially over the last two games. Our field goal protection was excellent. We changed up a couple things schematically and we executed it terrifically. He is a great weapon. I've been telling David Piland this for months now, that once we drive down to the 35 yard line we've got three points. We prefer seven, but we know offensively we've got three at the 35 yard line."

On the expectation for success and experience
"We've got some guys who are used to winning and understand how to win. We've also got some guys that might have been around or seen it but are now understanding that as well. Our guys know what it takes to win and I think you have seen that a little more these past two weeks."

On turning the record around and being undefeated in conference
"Going back to the Monday after the Bayou Bucket, we had a lengthy team meeting where I told the players that it's a nine game season from here on out. We told them how many days were remaining from that point on and that's been the message now every Monday and every Friday night in our team meetings. It is now a six game season. In our minds right now, we are 2-0. That is our mentality. What we talked about last night was that we have one goal and there is one team in our division that we need to be concerned with, and that's Houston. In our locker room, there is a schedule and it doesn't have any of our past games on it."

On Charles Sims overcoming the Blazer's defense
"There are certain coaches whose philosophy is to stop what the opponent tries to do best. They did a great job of coming into this game limiting Charles Sims. He is a guy who we are going to give the football to in space and we'll be creative about it. If teams try to come in and take him out, we'll still look at the video post game and see him carry the ball at least 25 times."

On what they did to keep pressure on the quarterback
"We know that when there's pressure on the quarterback, he gets uncomfortable and starts throwing the ball everywhere. I think we did a great job tonight doing that."

On playing offense
"That was back in high school, not anymore. I'd rather hit people than get hit, so I like defense better."

On how the linebackers played
"Well, I think we played good. I know a lot them aren't early morning people, so I feel like when I go out there and start playing hard everybody wakes up then they start playing hard. I think we all fed off that and starting doing a good job."

On the receivers
"Shane (Ros) played wonderfully. It's one of those things where they can't key on one guy. One guy isn't necessarily going to get the ball. It's the system. It's how it works. Today, they left a lot of guys open and we made them pay for it. It was a lot of fun and we got a lot of touches for everyone. We'll continue to do that. "

On red zone offense
"We could've done a lot better job, obviously. Once you get in the red zone you don't want to take negative plays, you don't want to make the play worse than it is and you don't want to force the ball. We're not going to go down there and try and force the ball in and get zero points. Matt (Hogan) did a great job coming in and taking those field goals. It was unfortunate that we didn't go down there and put it in and that'll definitely be a focal point this week. It's one of those things where I could've done a better job in a couple areas."

On offense getting into a rhythm early
"It's one of those things we'll work on throughout the week. It's a mindset more than anything. My mind needs to start working earlier in the game. It wasn't the prettiest drive ever. I had a couple mistakes here and there. It could've been a lot easier than it was, but we're going to keep working on that and that'll be a big focal point.

Going into this, it's the same mindset. We're really focused as a team to come out and play on Thursday. In football days, today is Monday. I will be up there today studying. We've got a lot of work to do. There's a lot things that need to be done this week. It's going to be fast paced. We've got to be at a 100 percent by Thursday and get this team going."

On setting school and conference record
"I was just actually told after the game. I had no idea so I guess the feeling is pretty nice. Everybody wants to see six, but I like to try and get three when I can. It's all actually very surprising. I just go out there when I'm told, but it's always nice to get a three when possible."

On what allowed him to get open
"I think we have so much talent at receiver, but just like David [Piland] said, you never know who's going to be open so it's hard to key on one guy. The way our offense works, it helps us to get the ball in space and that's what we're trying to do."

On getting more involved in the team
"We had an injured receiver, so they asked me to step in and go back at that side of ball and at that side of the field. Ever since I've been here, I've just been paying attention. Even though I might not be starting, I've been paying attention on the field and paying attention in meetings. Knowing what your job is so when you're given the opportunity, you know what to do.

Opening Statement
"We were not willing to go all out and compete. There is still a part of us that thinks this is easy. This is a hard game to play and winning games is hard too. The score was 16-10 at halftime on the road in a conference game; that is how big time games are played. You have to go back and forth and find a way to pull out the victory. We are not quite at that point yet as a team. It's frustrating not having my team prepared to battle in the second half. At halftime we refresh our bodies, looked at the first half and made adjustments to win the game. They did a better job of that today. Overall, I'm just disappointed in our competitive spirit in the second half."

On the fourth down attempts
"We are trying to win and that's the way it works. The mistake I made was the fake field goal. We should be able to get a fourth-and-two. In a game like this, touchdowns are going to win games; field goals do nothing for us."

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