Houston Footbal Postgame Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 28, 2011

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On the UH student section

"We walked out there and for a school night, which I don't think any of them are going tomorrow, they were loud before the game. There was a lot of energy out there and we appreciated it that they stayed in the rain and that's a very special thing to this team. Those are the guys that they know and go to school with. We were very appreciative of our crowd tonight and we really liked that."

On Keenum putting on a clinic tonight, 9 TD's and 500+ yards
"You know he played very well, but let's remember Patrick Edwards played pretty well too and so did Tyron Carrier. For Carrier, that week off you knew he was limping off and playing hurt the last couple of weeks and now he has turned it up since he's been healthy. He (Carrier) started it off with the opening kick-off for a touchdown. We weathered the storm, it was raining, and we turned over the ball twice to put our defense in bad positions to give up 14 points, and held them to 2 field goals for the rest of the first half. After that we were very efficient from that point on. As for Case and the offense, there was protection involved, they blitzed him again, which was the same game plan we saw last weekend and we can get the ball downfield."

On the defense in the second half, making stops when they had to and on third down
"We just have to be more consistent we showed flashes of doing well then we go by giving up a 97 touchdown run and we can't do that. To be the team that we really want to be, we still have some things we have to clean up. I think we are getting better and I have said, we're getting better every week and we need to do that. If we can continue to improve, and get healthy because we got a little dinged up tonight, but if we can come back and really gather ourselves and get healthy to get ready and go on the road next weekend then we'll be alright."

On the game

"That was probably the most fun I've ever had playing football"

On throwing for nine touchdowns
"Not really, it just kind of happened. Patrick having five of them with more than 300 yards receiving is crazy as well. "I told the guys before the game, I kind of like playing in the game. I told the guys to keep playing hard and no matter what, rain, sleet, snow, hail, we got to roll with it"

On setting his records
"It's fun. We had a bunch tonight. They should hand out game balls to everyone after the game."

On Patrick Edwards' performance
"He's a dominant player. He can take over the field when he wants to. You really don't notice the plays when he's blowing the top off. I was trying to throw to Tyron (Carrier) but Patrick blew the top off and came up underneath."

On the atmosphere of the game
"After that first touchdown run, this place was electric. It was probably the craziest I've seen this place. Just the feel of the atmosphere was the most electric in my six years here. The students were awesome. Now if we can just get the old folks screaming then this could be one of the toughest places to play around.

On the Heisman Trophy
"I try not to think about that stuff. I don't go out there to play to win a Heisman. I go out there to play to win. That's the competitor in me. I give it my best every shot and every play. Winning and taking care of the Cougars takes care of all the other stuff"

On taking back the Bayou Bucket
"Playing Rice in the Bayou Bucket is always special to both teams. We take it pretty personally. It's a fight. Rice came in and played well."

On the rest of season
"We're a pretty special team. We felt the same way since we started. I think other people's minds are changing, our mindset has been the same since day one."

On 8-0 record

"I feel like hard work pays off. We come out every week and practice hard. The stuff you all see out there on the field, we do in practice and it's routine. We just have to come out and turn that switch on to put those points on the board, make it happen."

On turnovers
"The turnovers had us flat. We usually come out a lot faster, but we got some opportunities to get back out there and put some points on the board."

On Case's record-breaking night
"It's always fun to be a part of Case's records. We're just out there doing our job and making him look good."

On NCAA Record for kickoff returns

"We were just that close for about four weeks in a row. One block away. As soon as I caught it, I glanced back and saw them (Rice) slowing down so I knew that'd make the blocks a bit easier. I saw a little daylight and I took it."

On if he thought he would make the NCAA record earlier
"You've got to be patient with this. I thought I was going to get it against North Texas, actually. That's how long I've been waiting. I was just patient.

On the rain
"I kept thinking `when will it end'? What can you do but throw the ball? We have a few players that are pretty fast, including myself and Patrick. "

On watching Patrick's speed
"I think he's the fastest one on the team now. He's embarrassing me."

On recent team's game plans
"I'm not so surprised by it. They tried to stop us but it didn't work so well."

On the other team's game plan

"We knew they were going to come out and read a lot so we just had to see how they were going to block it. At the beginning we just tried to get up the best we could and go to the sidelines to try to make adjustments."

On how they were able to adjust
"It's one of those things where you try to do the best you can with executing the adjustments from the sideline. When we were on the sidelines, we did a great job of communicating and relaying the adjustments to make sure that we were on the same page."

Opening statement on the game

"They are a good offensive football team led by a senior quarterback. They made plays that they had to, and we made plays that we needed to stop them. We had some opportunities that we didn't get done. Offensively had a big night running the football but we made some mistakes we didn't need to make to stay in it. We are a good football team. Our kids play hard like they do every week."

On the difference in the first half play from the second half
"At times Peterson was getting stung, and we were not able to do things. We were down to three running backs, and we had to mix it up that way. We wanted to start him running the football and move it down quickly. We ran the ball effectively but did not throw it very good tonight. Our offensive game plan was good; we just have to continue to work on our execution"

On the secondary
"We need to get better pressure up front. It is disheartening to lose a game, but it also means when you watch a video, we need to be strong upfront to get Case to get rid of the ball sooner. We did a good job early, but we were getting good pressure that we couldn't maintain."

On Tyler Smith's run
"That was a long run. I was proud of him. When we execute offensively, we are pretty good. We start making mistakes, and that's when it hurts, especially playing a solid team."



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