Case Keenum Meets With the Media

Jan. 14, 2011

Opening Statement
"First off, this is definitely God working in and through my life. I'm super excited and I know it wouldn't be possible without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That is definitely the most important thing I wanted to get out today. I have a lot people I need to thank for helping through this time. My family has been there for me every step of the way. My girlfriend, Kimberly, who has been there for me as well. Our athletic director Mack Rhoades and head coach Kevin Sumlin. Doc (Michael O'Shea) and all the training staff and Kevin Klotz and the NCAA compliance department here at the University of Houston who have helped me throughout this whole ordeal. It has been tough, definitely not the best couple of weeks. I have felt like I've been on pins and needles, but it has paid off. I am super excited. I thank my teammates who have been here and I am excited to spend another year with them. It's going to be a great year. I am really excited."

On his health
"It is getting a lot better. We are turning the corner and I have some great people working with me here. John Houston and Russ Payne, and a bunch of other people are doing a great job of looking after me. We are on my schedule, there is no timeline. We are starting to see some return and progress made, which is good for my mental state.

"I am getting back to where I can do functional things, like jogging, trying to take different drops, throwing the ball, and working and trying to figure out how to use my leg again. I haven't used it in the last three or four months. That is the main thing, learning how to use my leg again."

On head coach Kevin Sumlin's reaction
"He was the same Coach Sumlin. The coach Sumlin you see up here is the same coach Sumlin the team sees in the locker room. `Hey we got it, alright, let's go.' He is excited and we all are."



On the expectations for next season
"I haven't thought a whole lot about expectations. I don't know if that is the right word for the situation. When you get a second chance like this, every second is a blessing. Every time I get to come up here and do work outs or go out on to the practice field is a blessing. That's one more work out or practice that I get back. As far as expectations, I have none right now. I am going to work extremely hard, as hard as humanly possible to get back on the field so I can be the best player and come back stronger. That has been the plan from day one, to come back stronger."

On what he is going to do school wise
"Now I get to apply for grad school. I have applied and taken the GRE. There are a lot of options here at the University of Houston for me. I haven't narrowed down what I want to do. I am going to get started on that, which is another perk of what I get to do. This is something I didn't expect to get when I got here and now I get to do it."

Head Coach Kevin Sumlin
On his reaction to Case Keenum being granted a sixth year of eligibility
"We got the news today. I was extremely happy, and I can hardly describe how happy he was with the news. As I talked to his dad later today, I was even happier for him given all that he and his family have gone through. It is such a great thing when good things happen to great people. It's been a long process. I'm out recruiting right now, but obviously for us, and the rest of the University of Houston, we got the best recruit for next year that we could get today."

On how to describe the feelings associated with this process
"I don't think there's just one word. If you go through the process and the whole load that he has been under since the doctor gave me the sign that he was done back at UCLA; there has been so much on him. I couldn't be happier for him and his family. For everything he's done for our program and for our university, for it to end the way it did was really devastating. So to get this news, like I said, it's just great when good things happen to good people. So right now, I'm just happy for his family and I think the impact of today's decision we will see that down the road as a program. But today, I think it's more about the impact on his life."

On the work of Kevin Klotz, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance & Eligibility, and his staff
"As a coach you're a little bit on the peripheral of what's going on, but the compliance department is very diligent in their work. (The compliance department) and our administration did a great job of gathering information and getting the NCAA everything they needed. That says a lot about our administration and our compliance department. The willingness of them to work with the NCAA, and the NCAA to work with us (was great). My hat goes off to Kevin (Klotz) and his staff, to Justin Moore (Assistant Athletics Director/Director of Football Operations), (Director of Athletics) Mack Rhoades and everyone that was involved. Now we can see the result of their hard work."

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