Houston Football Debuts 2013 Uniforms and Helmets

HOUSTON - The Houston Football program debuted its 2013 uniforms on campus Tuesday at the Athletics/Alumni Center. As the team paints Houston red this season with home games in three different venues across the city, its players will have the opportunity to sport eight different uniform combinations throughout the year.

Beginning up top, Houston's red helmet from 2012 will return as the Cougars will have two options for headwear this season following Tuesday's debut of its new flat white helmet with a white facemask and red UH logo.

Beneath the helmet, Houston's home red jerseys will feature Houston across the chest in the school's signature font with white shoulders and a white breathable mesh side paneling. White numerals with a grey outline will be featured on the front and back of the jerseys as well as the side of the shoulders.

The Cougars' road white jerseys will reverse the color pattern of the home jerseys with red on the shoulders and red breathable mesh side paneling. The road jerseys will feature red numerals with a grey outline on the front and back of the jerseys as well as the side of the shoulders.

Houston's red pants will feature the UH logo on the left thigh and white and grey stripes on both hips with the white pants featuring red and grey stripes on both hips.

The 2013 season marks Houston's first in The American Athletic Conference with the league's 2013 champion garnering an automatic BCS bid.

This year's unique season-ticket package covers seven games at three locations across the City of Houston. In addition to the Memphis and Cincinnati games, the Cougars also face Southern (Aug. 30), Rice (Sept. 21), BYU (Oct. 19), USF (Oct. 31) and SMU (Nov. 29) at Reliant Stadium.

Houston is in negotiations with Rice Athletic Department officials to play the Nov. 23 game vs. Cincinnati at Rice Stadium.

Fans can purchase season tickets covering seven games for as low as $160. Families can also enjoy the Memorial Hermann Family Plan for only $319. Under the Memorial Hermann Family Plan, fans will receive two adult and two youth General Admission tickets with additional youth tickets costing only $80 each.

To renew and purchase season tickets, fans can call 713-GO-COOGS (462-6647) or 877-COUGAR-5 (268-4275) or visit the Athletics Ticket Office, located on the first floor of the Athletics/Alumni Center from 8 a.m., to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Fans can also renew season tickets for the 2013 season online by clicking here.

To make a specific seating request for 2013, (i.e., seating with a particular individual/group or field proximity) please email your request to tickets@uh.edu. If you have any additional questions, please contact Cougar Pride at 713-743-GoUH (4684) or email cougarpride@uh.edu.

Head Coach Tony Levine
On being able to showcase a variety of new uniform combinations
"The decision was based on a number of things in our program, including the excitement from our players, recruits and fans. We wanted them to all be excited. I think the change is good and this is something that we feel like everyone will embrace. You will never satisfy everyone, but our kids are excited about it and I think our fans are really going to enjoy the new look. The new look emphasizes are program as the word "HOUSTON" is bigger and stands out and is something that will be good moving forward."

On the new road jerseys
"To go on the road, we can change up the pants and the helmet. We will wear the white jersey. We are talking right now about our first road game going with the all white."

On who had input in the new uniform progress
"Coach Spavital and Jay Takach, our head equipment manager, got together and I had some input as well, but I'm not a great fashion guy, so we also asked for our players' input as well. Working with Nike has been great. We told them what we wanted verbally and they came back with some great designs. We went back and forth over the course of a couple of months to get exactly what we are looking for."

On the excitement for players, recruits nationally
"This will help recruiting and that is a close second. We want our fans to be excited certainly and want our current players to be excited, but again, recruits are getting into that [national buzz about uniforms]. You see it nationally with a lot of other programs - the change in jersey styles and colors at times, so this is something we feel is a subtle enough change that is very tasteful and respectful for our program and the tradition that is here, but in the same respect, I think it is something that 16-17-18-year olds that we are talking to on a daily basis can be excited about as well."

On Levine's favorite new uniform combination
"I like them all. I think the white helmet is something definitely going to be a change that is outside the box that we have never done before. I think people will have to get used to that in terms of how much we wear them on the road, no, but I like all the combinations."

On the change to the American Athletic Conference
"We are excited about it. We will be heading up to Rhode Island next Monday for Media Day. It should be a tremendous challenge for our program. We have been expecting this for a few years now and have been preparing for it. Our kids are excited about the new challenges and the new opponents and I know our fan base is. I can't wait for the season to get going."

On what the American Athletic Conference will showcase
"The American Athletic Conference is going to showcase a different style of football and has more depth from top to bottom. Our brand and our style coming into it are going to help us."

On will Levine will continue to dress the same during games
"I'm going to dress the same. We had talked about possibly doing what they do in baseball where our coaching staff wears the same uniforms as the players. That comment is definitely me showing some comic relief."

On how these new uniforms will play into all the new changes
"We are national program and I think with the change to the American Athletic Conference, it brings our brand East. With the new look and the new schools we will be playing, across the country, it will help us with our growth nationally and with our exposure in our region in which we recruit. It's a win-win across the board."

On how social media has influenced the way fans, recruits see information
?Social media has changed, I know over the course of 10 years, but even over the course of the last two years, and when you put out new helmets, new uniforms, new turf practice field, new stadium, new conference, it becomes national news instantly and again, recruits see that."

Zach McMillian
On new uniforms
"I think they are awesome. I think they will help with recruiting. With Coach Spav {Zac Spavital, Defensive Backs) having a lot of input in the design and being my positions coach, I feel like I had a lot of input as a player."

On if players care about new uniforms
"Players do care about this. What was it that was said: "If you look good, feel good, play good?" I feel like it is cool and it puts us on a level with those teams that go through uniform changes often. As a young kid, you do care about the look."

On what was discussed during the process and his favorite
"Our other jerseys featured longer sleeves and made it easier for teams to grab you and hold you. That was the first thing that was brought up when discussing what we wanted as players. We wanted these cutout sleeves. As far as the uniform, I can play in blank uniform if we can go line up with the word "HOUSTON" across our chests. We did have some guys that really absorb the color scheme and it is cool to have that input as a player. I like the all white - I mean, who doesn't like the all white. It's going to be fun playing in different combinations this season."

Kenneth Farrow
On his favorite new uniform combination
"I like the one I wore today - the all white. Hopefully we get to go to a couple of away games and white it out."

On his role this season as the Cougar running back
"We have been working hard all summer and I'm looking forward to what lies ahead this season. It is time for me to step up and take advantage of the opportunity that is in front of me."

Derrick Mathews
On his favorite new uniform combination "I like the red on red - the one I wore today. I chose this personally. They asked me what I wanted to wear today and told him this combination."

On a lot of new changes
"The new look going into a new conference is exciting. We plan to go in and compete with the best of them. We are great team going into a great conference. It's going to be a great season."



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