Houston Football Unveils 2014 Uniforms

July 23, 2014

HOUSTON - The University of Houston Football program unveiled its 2014 uniforms Wednesday afternoon at the Athletics/Alumni Center. Head coach Tony Levine was joined by WR Deontay Greenberry, DT Joey Mbu, LB Efrem Oliphant and C Bryce Redman in debuting Houston's four uniform options for the 2014 season. A full photo gallery of the uniforms can be found by clicking here.

Houston will once again have two helmet options with the return of the scarlet red helmet with a white UH logo and a matte white helmet with a red UH logo.

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Houston's home jerseys, from the Nike Pro Combat Speed series, feature HOUSTON in the official Houston Athletics font across the chest. UH's home jerseys in scarlet red feature white sleeves with white numerals and nameplates while the road white jerseys feature red sleeves with red numerals and nameplates.  The 2014 Houston jerseys also have the addition of the Nike Flywire design on the front neck.

The Nike Pro Combat Speed jersey uses Nike's lightest stretch woven nylon fabrication on shoulder, sleeve and front back panels for performance, fit and durability. The jersey features a two-ply reinforced shoulder for increased durability along with four-way stretch mesh panels at the front and back to optimize breathability, fit and performance.

Houston will wear white Nike Pro Combat Speed Pants for the entirety of the 2014 season. Made from Nike's lightest stretch nylon fabric, the pants feature the UH logo on the left thigh with two red stripes on each side of the leg.

Head Coach Tony Levine addressed the media on Wednesday, unveiling the new 2014 Houston Football uniforms with players Deontay Greenberry, Joey Mbu, Efrem Oliphant and Bryce Redman all sporting the new look.

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On the passing of Robert Newhouse
“Before we talk uniforms I do want to mention Robert Newhouse with his passing yesterday and certainly our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and it certainly goes without saying the  career he had at the University of Houston and personally I remember him like it was yesterday playing for the (Dallas) Cowboys and he was certainly a great ambassador for our school and for our program and he will be dearly missed.”

On new uniforms
“Talking uniforms, we are excited about the uniforms that we put together for this year and we’ve really got four different combinations, something a little bit different from last year.

Last year, if I can use the phrase outside the box, at least for me personally with the style we had, I liked it I think our student-athletes really enjoyed it and I think our fans did as well and it’s something a little bit this year that is going to be simpler but certainly very very sharp

Four combinations. Last year we did have red pants, we are only going to have white pants this year and we’ve got four of our current student-athletes as models.

We had asked about 30 of our guys if they’d do it and 30 of them said no, so we ended up with these four right here.

The first is Deontay Greenberry. Deontay is wearing what we wore last year on the road. Basically all white, the white helmet was new for us last season and then the white jersey and the white pants as you can see as he turns sideways the two red stripes down the leg on both sides. So we’ve got red on the sleeves, last year we had a little bit of grey in the uniforms, there is no grey this year it is only going to be white and red.

Next is Joey Mbu, one of our kickers and team captains, Joey has got the red jersey with the white pants and again a combination of you will see us wearing at home. Joey has got the red helmet, the red jersey and the white pants. As you look closely from our student-athletes, you will see what Nike calls the “fly wire” right around the neck area, so it looks as much as anything but it is new for this year’s uniform.

Efrem Oliphant, senior linebacker for us, again similar to Deontay in terms of the white jersey and the white pants but Efrem is showing you the red helmet and everything else is the same. We are going to have the ability to get some different gloves and some shoes in as well.

And then Bryce Redman is similar to Joey with the red jersey and white pants however he has a white helmet. So we have got some different combinations, we are also looking at possibly some different decals to go on the helmets as a possible change up for a game or two along the way this season but again a uniform that we are excited about not that you’ll be able to tell with pictures or videos but a little bit different fit as well.

We had some different styles in terms of comfort level the last few years and last year we really and truly did black, the black uniform we went with for two of our games had the fit that our student-athletes enjoyed the most in terms of comfort, durability and to be able to have the flexibility with their arms in the jerseys so that is what we went with this season.”

On excitement with all the new things
“Well it is something I anticipate probably doing every year and even if it is a subtle change it is something that we are going to look at after every season is completed. Believe it or not, and some of these guys might smile when I say this publicly but at the end of the season somewhere early spring we actually met myself and a couple of other coaches and a number of our current student-athletes talking about wanting their input in terms of what they want, how the jersey fits and also what it looks like. It gives them a lot of ownership. We talk about family here all the time - it gets our guys excited.

We showed them the uniforms a couple of weeks ago in a team meeting, we made sure that there were no cellphones in the meeting to take pictures of and put them on social media at the time and you know we had a good response, some were excited about it and I think they’ll be excited about it as well. It is really sharp this year and again I liked last year’s, we had a couple extra colors in there and just going with the red and the white and being, I hate using the word basic but, I think it is really going to give a good example of what our program is all about.”

On coaches involvement in branding
“Well personally as head coach I am a little bit involved at the end of the day I have got to at least give the stamp of approval saying let’s do it. Zac Spavital our recruiting coordinator and defensive backs coach is kind of aside and certainly David Bassity with what he is wearing today is kind of our fashion expert on staff and Jay Takach and Victor and our equipment staff do a great job in our relationship with Nike. We go back and forth with Nike and we tell them what we want and they give us something back and we tweak it a little bit we’ve got to have the ability, and we’ve done this to show some of our current student-athletes here is where we are at and he is what we are thinking and they’ve got to enjoy it and they’ve got to like it.

First and foremost, our current guys have to enjoy what they are wearing and have to feel comfortable in and have to feel like they look good and then we are going to be on national TV every week so it is a representation certainly of our program. We have put a lot of thought into it and again at the end of the day a lot of time goes into between the number of people in our program making the decision to come up with the final product.


SENIOR LB Efrem Oliphant
On the new uniforms
“I love them. It has a retro-feel going back to the traditional colors of just red and white. There’s not too much to it. The feel of them is real good. With the flexibility you’ll be able to move your arms and just move period. It feels good.”

On if the team discussed how to make the uniforms more exciting
“We talk about it. Especially when you see schools come out with a lot of different things. Sometimes you just have to think that we’re playing football and it’s not a fashion show.”

On the buzz surrounding the program with the new uniforms and stadium
“Myself personally, I can’t wait to get out there, and I know my teammates feel the same. It’s all hyped up, so it’s basically just us getting out there and proving we’re worthy and just showing that with the new stadium and the new uniforms we’re still a great team. That’s what we’re looking forward to: winning football games.”

On the excitement around the program with the new uniforms and stadium
“It’s definitely exciting for the students. For us, we’re just trying to play football. No matter where. It helps that we have our own stadium so we don’t have to travel. TDECU is a great stadium. The jerseys: I’m comfortable in them. As a lineman we want to be able to move. That was really a focal point for us in making these jerseys.”

On the importance of being able to move in the jerseys
“Myself and Bryce (Redman) go out to practice, and if my jersey is loose it’s an easy tug. The arm sleeves are kind of cut off so I can extend up with it. Some jerseys are restricted so your punch is lower. With these I can move higher.”

JUNIOR WR Deontay Greenberry
On being able to play on campus this year
“We just can’t wait for it. We’re just trying to get out there and win games and take it one week at a time. We just want to get out there and play.”

On the uniforms
“The uniforms feel a lot better than they did last year. They were a little bit thicker. They’re a lot thinner now.”

On the new stadium
“I haven’t been inside it yet but it looks pretty good in pictures. I saw the turf is laid down, and I can’t wait to get out there and run on it.”

Houston fans can guarantee a place in history by purchasing season tickets for the first season in the new TDECU Stadium. Season tickets are currently on sale starting at just $140 as are Memorial Hermann Family Plan four-pack season tickets, two adult and two youth, for just $299. Lower-level reserved season tickets start at just $200.

Fans interested in purchasing Houston Football season tickets for as low as $140 for seven games can contact the Ticket Sales department online or by calling 713-GO-COOGS (462-6647).

Houston opens the 2014 season at 8 p.m., Friday, Aug. 29, when it hosts UTSA in the first game in TDECU Stadium.

University of Houston alumni from the last five years (2010-14) can purchase season tickets for just $125 (upper levels) and $175 (lower level) in specially designated Young Alumni sections with a multiplier of four times donations to Cougar Pride giving levels for the first five years after graduation. Each ticket consists of a $25 Cougar Pride donation with the four times Young Alumni multiplier, resulting in a $100 donation credit and a Cougar Pride parking pass in the TDECU Stadium Garage. Young Alumni can purchase tickets here or by calling 713-GO-COOGS (462-6647).

Single-game group ticket sales for the inaugural season in TDECU Stadium are now on sale via the Houston Athletics Ticket Office. Groups of at least 10 or more can purchase tickets starting at just $21 per person to any of Houston's seven home games, including 2014 Fiesta Bowl champion UCF, by calling the Houston Athletics Ticket Office at 713-GO-COOGS (462-6647) or by clicking here.



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