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Aug 23, 2013

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Hey Houston fans this is receiver Shane Ros here to give you a different perspective on all things Cougar football.

Unfortunately I will not be suiting up this year due to a knee injury I suffered in the spring. The good news is that I now have the opportunity to stick around for a 10th season to play in the new stadium (I’m taking the Case Keenum route and staying on Cullen Blvd. as long as they’ll l let me). In the meantime I will be aiding my teammates in any way I can while whipping my knee back into playing shape. While I’m stuck doing rehab the rest of the team is hard at work preparing for the first game against Southern.

The month of August marks the beginning of fall camp and the first opportunity for players to show off the improvement they made during the spring and summer. All the sled pushes in 100-degree heat, all the countless reps in the weight room and all the tedious drills at 7-on-7 are finally put to the test in a competition to see who gets to line up between the white lines at Reliant Stadium on August 30th.

Let me be the first to say that the August 30th can’t come soon enough! As every player knows fall camp is a grind and after few weeks of going against the same guys, things start to get a bit chippy. Offensive linemen get sick of blocking the same defensive linemen, defensive backs get tired of covering the same receivers and running backs pick up the same blitzing linebacker one too many times. By the end of it guys are chomping at the bit to take on a new opponent and anyone not wearing red and white becomes fair game.

Despite the occasional altercation I feel like this team is creating a bond that can’t be broken. As a guy that has been around the block a time or two, I feel like our team chemistry is second-to-none. We have a solid group of leaders who have a great vision for this season and have set the bar very high. Our goals have been set and we are laser focused on attaining them. These final two weeks of preparation will be critical in determining the path we take as a team and we can’t afford to waste any days. But with this bunch of guys and the coaching staff we have in place I don’t see that being a problem.

I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming season. Although I wish I could be playing alongside my brothers, I look forward to watching them showcase our brand of 3rd Ward Cougar Football to The American Athletic Conference!

Go Coogs!

Shane Ros #19







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