Cougar Football Notes: Wednesday, Aug. 30

HOUSTON -- With the Cougars' season opener and the battle against inter-city rival Rice for the Bayou Bucket less than 72 hours away, University of Houston head football coach Dana Dimel cut this afternoon's practice short by thirty minutes in effort to give the players a rest.

"We're starting to shorten (practices) down a little bit," Dimel began. "We went two hours today instead of two-and-a-half to get ourselves really crisp for the first ball game."

On the field, the Cougars' first-year coach was pleased with the level of concentration and focus displayed by his team in their second-to-last practice before the big game.

"Today our football team showed a lot of intensity and a lot of fire in practice. What that's telling me is that they are tired of going against each and are ready to face another opponent," Dimel continued. "They were short-fused and we had a few scuffles going on indicating our team is ready to get going and play another football team."

Comfortable with the team's level of preparation and readiness going into Saturday's game, Dimel and his staff continued to be revolve practice around sharpening the basics of the new offense and defense schemes this season.

"Right now the concentration is just fine-tuning the offense and fine-tuning the defense," said Dimel. "We've hit special teams a lot recently, but we didn't hit it that much today. I thought our running game improved today, and I thought our defense practiced really well today, too."



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