A Quick Six Questions with Anthony Alridge

Sept. 4, 2007

1. I heard you gained a couple of pounds in the offseason. How much weight can you bench press and how much can you squat? (Tom, Houston, TX)

AA: I bench press 275 and I squat 530. That is an increase of 140 on my squat and my bench is 75 pounds.

2. A lot of your rushing yards last year were from long carries (20+ yards), especially in the SMU game. Now, that you are the "go to" back, do you think you'll be able to keep up that 10 yards per carry average, which led the NCAA last year? Good luck to you this season from the guys at Sigma Pi. We'll be cheering you on. (Travis, Spring, TX)

AA: I am going to try my best. It just depends on the situation and how the defense plays us. I still think I could pull off some long runs, so we'll see how it goes.

3. Who is faster, you or DA? I say you. Thanks! (Kelsey, Rosenberg, TX)

AA: Me, thanks!

4. With the loss of Kevin Kolb, what do you think are y'alls chances this year. Vincent Marshall and Jackie Battle were also huge factors. And, what do you think about the new quarterbacks? (Jack, Conroe, TX)

AA: I think our quarterbacks are great. They are going to do a good job. They will help us win the game, with the supporting cast helping out.

5. Is it true that you wear a camouflage bandana in honor of military members? I serve in the USAF and just wanted to know. (Cary, Omaha, NE)

AA: Yes, it is true.

6. Just for the record, you did a GREAT job at Fan Appreciation Day, and I'm so proud of you. So to my question: What is Houston going to have to do in order not to repeat another loss to a team that I felt like you all should have won against? (Kimberly, Denton, TX)

AA: We have to cut down on the mental mistakes, cut out the turnovers and play hard.



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