Football Press Conference Quotes, September 5


On last week's game
I put it all in perspective and if you go back and look at our performance, we had six major special teams or crucial plays in the ballgame that cost us that win. We had two blocked punts. We had a blocked thirty-yard field goal. We had a punt returned for a touchdown called back. We had a fumbled punt and an interception returned for a touchdown. That makes six crucial plays that effected the outcome. If we could have put the shoe on the other foot, there's no telling what the outcome of that ballgame would have been. So I have to go back and assess the question marks on our football team leading into this Saturday night's game.

I was very pleased with our football team's performance as well as their effort, exclusive of our special teams effort. A win this Saturday night puts our team back on track to achieve our long term goals for the season.

On the injuries
Orlando (Iglesias) and Kendall (Williams) definitely will not play in this upcoming game, but we will still have the ability to go down there and win the football game. Our football team is just getting tested early on in the season. Only positives can come from that as long as we get ourselves back on track for this upcoming game as well as for upcoming conference play.

On the upcoming game with LSU
Well, 680 yards of offense is definitely a concern. They are in a situation where they have a new coach as well, and they go out and win their first ball game and gain a lot of momentum. They also have 90,000 people in the stadium for their ball games, so they have so many advantages to them that way.

I think that they have a handful of receivers that are talented. They also have two quarterbacks that they feel comfortable with and they feel like they have all of the weapons to be effective. They have some young running backs in their system that they feel well about, so they are a team that can put some points on the board.


On the offense in Rice game
It's hard to be pleased when you lose such a heartbreaking game. We'll build on it, but it's just tough to be pleased when you come away with a loss. We were excited about the offense, about going out for the first time and being able to move the ball like we did. Like I said, when you lose the ball game, though, it kind of takes all that (excitement) away."

Feeling like they need to redeem themselves in next game vs LSU
"I think it makes it a much bigger game due to the fact we4 lost last week. We want to build on some of the things we did well and go into this game ready to go. I do think it does makes it a little bigger game.

"I think that helps a lot (knowing UH has won at LSU before). We've had guys go into big places before and we've gone into LSU and have won there, and I think it helps out a lot with the crowd factor and the overall environment there."

On the surprise of the running game vs Rice
"I will never complain about throwing to the places we did. That was exciting out there and got me in a good rhythm and I felt good about some things the offense did."

Without two of the starting receivers for LSU game
"It sounds bad, but when you go and look at the last game and the young guys and the way they stepped up and the way they caught the ballRobinson came in there after Orlando (Iglesias) went down and he did great, made some big catches, scored some touchdowns. (Brandon) Middleton and (KeyKowa) Bell each had a great game, and we have some guys that are going to step up because I've seen them do it in practice. I think all these guys need are a chance and to get some confidence, and I'm not worried about how the receivers are going to play."

Favorite receiver now that Iglesias is gone
"I'm not sure I can say that. All the young guys stepped up and played well."



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