Monday Morning Quarterback

Sept. 11, 2006

1. Kevin. Great start to the season, both the Rice and Tulane games. One impression that you Coogs have made so far is how many weapons you have on offense. My question involves how you use your receivers. Do you frequently check for the 2nd and 3rd receiver (and do you often have enough time)? And, as you learn their different capabilities, does that determine which one you decide to throw the pass to? (Charles Forbess)

A-I never think of who I'm throwing the ball to on any particular down. I just read the defense as it comes, go down my checkpoints and make the throw that is supposed to be done. I've always done that since I was a kid playing football. I never just throw to one particular guy.

2. Kevin, great win on Saturday. I have a situational question for you...when you empty the backfield, it looks like the other team blitzes about 90% of the time. What is your hot read on this? (Denny)

A-If they blitz the inside linebackers, and the DBs are more than five yards off, we'll run a hot. If (the DBs) are up in their face, I usually check off a slant go or a vertical because our receivers are so talented it is hard for anyone to guard them one-on-one.

3. I have only one comment on your passing game - your "touch" pass. I've seen at least two times this season where a nice soft "touch" pass would have been the call. Are you and the coaching staff seeing the same thing? Other than that, you stuff looks good. (John McKay)

A-No doubt about it, there were a few times I could've made (the passes) easier than what I did. I guess it is the fear of lofting one in the middle. As you get older you realize those are very dangerous passes, so I just need to trust my arm, trust my instincts and make those throws a little easier.

4. Firstly you are making us Houston boys here overseas proud and we listen to all the webcasts we can. (The "D" is awesome as well) Now that is out there here is my question, with a few really tough defenses coming up in the schedule, what did we do this off season and daily practices to allow you those extra seconds in the pocket that might have changed the outcome of some of the bigger games in the last 3 seasons. I would wish you luck but you don't need it. All the guys over here say thanks for bringing your great arm and leadership to Houston....GO COOGS!!!! (SPC James Underwood)

A-Thank you! I think the biggest thing is that those linemen were pushed really hard this summer. When they wanted to lay down, Coach (Larry) Jackson would push them an extra two or three triples. I think that is the best thing about us is our mental toughness. You saw this past week when we went up 14-0, we shut them down and went up by 21. We jumped on top and stayed on top, and hopefully that will be our mentality for the rest of the year.

5. Thank you for representing our school in the classy way that you do week in and week out. My question to you is, " Why are you not throwing the deep bombs that you are capable of throwing?"(A. Ruiz)

A-I think the defenses now for three years that that is our weapon, the deep ball. So, they are bailing on us a lot, because they now how fast our receivers are, and we're having them called, but the receivers are checking down because the defense is bailing (out). We're having to settle for the 10- and 15-yard outs and digs, which is OK because we just wear them down and we get the same result.

6. How do you think you guys will do in the Grambling game...? 1-AA school but a lot of talent...? (Rob)

A-They're coming fired up. We have to use our stamina, and then use our schemes. They're going to be talented, but our schemes are bar none, and we should come out victorious in the end. If we can withstand their first charge, we should be able to tire them out.

7. First of all I want to congradulate you on becoming the all-time leading passer in school history. You are a good qb with potential of being great I think the team has a great chance of going to the c-usa championship but I feel that the team is too undisciplined to beat OSU, MIAMI, UTEP and UCF. What do you think the team is going to have to do to get past these teams with a win? (D)

A-I think discipline is the key. I think that's what we've put in this year (when) Coach (Art Briles) hired Coach (Larry) Jackson. That is what he's instilled here. We're a lot more disciplined team now than we have ever been in my three years here. It will be seen, and has already been seen with the changes from the Rice game to the Tulane game. We're going to only get better with (discipline), and there already is a change.



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