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Sept. 18, 2007

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On playing the first home game
"First of all, we're extremely happy to be home. It's like when you go visit your brother or something. You hang out there two or three days and after about a day and a half there's one place you want to get back to and that's home. So we're glad to be home, it's exciting to go to Robertson. Last time we were there, December 1, 2006, we had a pretty good game. We're glad to be back and give our crowd a chance to see us. We are very enthused and excited about the crowd we took to New Orleans. We had a lot of people over there. We really appreciate those people making the effort to come over and support us. Now we need to come in here on Saturday and get after Colorado State in front of a crowd that we've got a lot of friends in."

On the Tulane game
"The game last week was a good tough road win. Any time you win on the road, it's a good win, especially a conference game on the road. It takes a tough team to do that and we've got a tough football team. Tough teams win on the road and they protect their home turf so we're working on making sure we do that every time we step on the field. We've got a chance to protect our home turf Saturday versus Colorado State. I'm proud of the guys and the way they went over there (New Orleans) and took care of business. It was a business like win and that's the way we wanted to do it."

On Colorado State
"Honestly, they're effort is the first thing you notice on video, especially from the defensive side of the ball. Offensively they're very precise, very patient, which is a little unusual in today's game. I think it throws you into a different mindset. They're just a good solid program, they've been good for a long time. It's evident when you watch them on video.



"Every opponent you play, you must respect and it really doesn't matter. It's like if (Jake) Ebner was a coach. Coach Ebner was coaching at University A and University A is on a perennial win streak so all of a sudden he's a great coach. Then he goes to University B and University B has not been winning a lot of games, so all of a sudden he's not quite as good a coach. It's all relevant to who they're playing as determining what their record might be so we look at it as an opportunity for us to notch a victory over a formidable opponent."

On what the team needs to improve on for Saturday
"I don't know if improvement is the right word but I really liked the way we played defensively against Tulane. We played well against Oregon, but we just put our defense in some bad situations. I really felt it (our defense) showed up against Tulane. We had some guys technique wise that were a lot better up front which really helps us defensively, so I was proud of that.

"The thing we have to do is just like anybody else; you need to win field position, turnovers and momentum. If you win those you're going to win the football game. So if we take care of that we'll come away happy Saturday. That's going to be our minset every week regardless of who we're playing."

On having an early bye week
I like the fact that we're into it 11 weeks straight and we're into a rhythm. I like the rhythm of what we're into now. For me personally, I didn't like the week, sit a week, go the next week, especially early in the season because we started Aug. 1 and by Sept. 15 we've played one football game, that's a long time. Now we're into a system or rhythm where our guys are going to play every week."

On mixing conference and non-conference schedules
"I don't think the implications are quite the same from the conference standpoint but representing the University of Houston as coaches and players that never changes. We're going to go out there and fight like somebody is going to break into your house to win the football game."

On what coaches are looking for in the quarterback
"I'm looking for consistency and determinability. I'd like to have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen before it even happens sometimes. I'm not sure we're to that yet in some situations. It's a process, both guys are good, they can play. What we have to do is to make sure we're on the same page on how to take care of the football in certain situations.

On Colorado State's Safety Klint Kubiak
"He's a good player. He was their lead tackler last year and is their lead tackler so far this year. He covers the field and gets everyone set up. He really does a good job, a very impressive player."

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