A Quick Six Questions with Anthony Alridge

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    Sept. 18, 2007

    1. How do you feel your o-line has been blocking for you this year? (John, Houston, Texas)

    AA: They have been doing a really good job. They've been playing physical. They've been playing with speed, and they've been getting under our opponent's pads. They've been doing a great job of making me look good.

    2. I notice every time you make a touchdown you point to the sky. Can you tell me if there is any special reason for that? (Arnold, Houston, Texas)

    AA: This year I am playing for my grandpa. He passed away last year right before the conference championship game. And, I give all thanks to God for every touchdown that I make.

    3. Seems like Coach (Larry) Jackson has really made a huge impact at UH. What affect has his workout program had on you? (Robert, Sugar Land, Texas)

    AA: He has helped to be able to run more plays. He has put me in better condition so I can run more plays.

    4. How does your team usually prepare for gamedays? Do you have any pre-game stuff or anything like that? (Jack, Conroe, Texas)

    AA: We sing a little song in the locker room, but that is under wraps because it is a secret.

    5. When you win the Heisman, can I take a picture with you and it? (Amir, Houston, Texas)

    AA: If I was able to win the Heisman, anybody can take a picture with me and the Heisman Trophy.

    6. Do you feel you put up more of a fight against Oregon than Michigan did?

    AA: I really cannot tell. It was two different games and two different situations. I would like to say that I would have.



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