Monday Morning Quarterback

Sept. 25, 2006

1. Thank you for giving hope once again to the cougar football program. I remember watching the bowl game in Hawaii and feeling that we got robbed; it was still a great effoert by the team none the less. I was wondering if it was a hard decision to turn down Oklahoma, Tech, and OSU when deciding to go with the cougars and join the University of Houston. What factors went into that decision? I'm certainly glad that you were able to play for the cougars, and I assure you every Houston fan in Afghanistan is rooting for the big win in Miami. Thank You, 2LT Kinra, A. (C Co 180th Infantry-Afghanistan)

A-"First of all, thanks for everything you guys are doing over there. It is very appreciated. It wasn't too tough for me, because I have family in Houston and family is very important to me, so I got to stick around with them. I had faith in Coach Briles and belief in his system and coaching staff, so overall I knew that outweighed any other schools' offers."

2. Great game on Saturday! It was awesome how before you guys really went into your pre game drills, you came up to the fans and showed your appreciation. My question deals with crowd noise. I had always thought that it is proper fan etiquette to be quiet when your team has the ball, especially when they are right in front of you. I was wondering if because of the style of offense that we run our (the UH fanâo?s) crowd noise was a problem when you guys are right in front of the student section? Saturday, myself and a few of my friends were trying to get the fans to quiet down when you guys would get up to the line. Thank you for the awesome game, Joey

A-"Definitely when we are on offense, we need it to be quiet. It is vice-versa when we are on defense. It didn't seem to serve as a problem the other night. It was a little louder than usual, but as much as we can orchestrate a pattern to where it gets quiet on offense, the better it is."

3. You are having an outstanding season... especially this past Saturday vs. Ok. State. You were awesome and man, you could really tell YOU wanted this game BAD! LOL I notice you were a black "wristband/bracelet". I was wondering if there was any significance and would you care to share. Thanks and have a continued great season.
Go COOGS! (David Jones)
GO Kolb, #4!

A-"Actually, I started that last year. It is a dedication to my family. I write family underneath it every game. They are the only reason that I'm here, and they're my stronghold. So, it is a dedication to all 30 or 40 of them."

4. No question here. I just wanted to say what fun it was to watch you last night lead the team to a win over OSU. Being a UH grad from 96' and now living in Denver, CO, I don't remember being this excited since the Ware/Klingler days. The fun is back. Thanks again and I wish you well. (Tyson)

A-"We appreciate it. That is what we've striving for for four years, and really 10 years. It is good to be a part of it, and good to be considered one of the people who has helped lead it to the top."

5. I just wanted to give you some praise. You looked as sharp as you ever have in the Oklahoma State game. I don't think you underthrew/overthrew a ball all night. You also did an excellent job of running with the ball. Thanks from all Coog Fans for the biggest win for this program in at least 10 years!!! (Patrick Dennis)

A-"Basically it is just getting comfortable (and) just trying to slow the game down. I'm trying to not get caught up in the atmosphere and the hype of the game. Just treat it like another day in the office, and you see other quarterbacks in the nation doing the same thing. (Notre Dame's) Brady Quinn is settling down. (Ohio State's) Troy Smith started out fast. It takes a couple of games to get your groove, and we've finally found our groove."



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