A Quick Six Questions with Anthony Alridge

Sept. 25, 2007

1. Hey, why are your calf muscles so big? (Cooda, Tonni, Nebraska)

AA: "(Laughing) I was born that way."

2. When are we going to see you back in the 940 neighborhood? (Momma, Denton, Texas)

AA: Soon as the season is over with.

3. If you get drafted, what team would you like to get drafted by? And, do you still keep in contact with Kolb? (Bill, Houston, Texas)

AA: I keep in contact with Kolb when he's around or whenever he comes by. And the answer to your first question is the Cowboys!

4. What is your gameday prep? Is there any ritual or meal you like to help you to a victory? (Raymond, Houston, Texas)

AA: I wear my camouflage bandana.

5. How do you think the home crowd helped you on the win against Colorado State? (Jack, Conroe, Texas)

AA: It was big. They helped us out and stayed in the game the whole time. It was pretty big.

6. What NFL running back do you look up to the most? (Matt, Houston, Texas)

AA: LT (LaDanian Tomlinson) and Warrick Dunn



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