Football Quotes from the September 25 Press Luncheon


About last week's game
"I don't think that the score was necessarily indicative of the game that was played. The positives from last week's ball game are I thought the defense played an outstanding football game. They played an offense that is always a very good offense and one that has the ability to be as good as any offense that we are going to play throughout the season as far as personnel and talent goes. We held them one yard in the first quarter and we held them to 86 yards at halftime."

Looking forward
"Our football team has not been nearly efficient enough. We have made critical mistakes when the momentum of the game is trying to be established. We are not capitalizing on the opportunities that are given to us. I believe that we will recover form this loss. The fortitude of this team has already been tested in many ways and I have no concerns that this season will be anything but a positive one. We are in a phase right now where we are finding a way to make things happen and get on a run so that we can be successful in conference play. Looking ahead, our goals for the season are to go undefeated at home and to play in December. Both of those goals are ahead of us and both of those are goals that we can attain."

"We have to go into each game with the same offensive momentum that we had before the Texas game and we also need to play an opponent defensively for four quarters and establish some type of dominance and cause some turnovers to create points for our offense."

On team cohesion
"Right now when we take the field we only have five returning starters from last year's team. The 22 guys that are taking the field are good players, but they just need to gain some experience. Our first four games have not been easy by any means. The four teams that we've played have all been very good opponents, and that's the reason for some of the mistakes in itself. Eventually all that is going to gel and the experience is going to come. These guys are learning and maturing all the time, so that inexperience that we have right now is going to turn into experience before as we continue to play."


On being all over the field on defense in his position "It's pretty much a little bit of everything. You're playing your linebacker position, you're running your blitzes, you're doing your zone coverages, you're doing your man-to-man coverages. Coach Bump does a great job of mixing things up defensively which not only helps out myself but helps out the rest of the defense as well."

On defensive frustration following Texas game
"Yeah, the emphasis on this game was that to score in this game we were going to have to create some turnovers, and we hadn't created turnovers like we had in the firswt three games. That's something that we did, and we played a good game defensively and we're happy about that. But we didn't get the win. You look at the score, and like Coach Dimel said, the score is much worse than the score actually was.

"We believe in Coach Dimel, we believe in the coaching staff here, we know that we have a lot of young guys playing right now. I think once this offense gets on a roll we're going to be hard to stop. There is no one left on the schedule that can't beat. The two goals that we have put in front of us-going undefeated at home and playing in December in a bowl game-are still there.

"Right now the way we look at it, we're 1-0 in conference and that's the only thing that matters as far as keeping our goals. We're still pretty optimistic. It was a bad loss, but it's in the past and we're looking forward to this week."

On bad luck and injuries to Cougars this season
"We've just had some bad luck this year, some key injuries, things like spider bites that knocked out some guys for some gamesWe've had some tough breaks this year. I think the team is young and I think the team has learned from these mistakes that will make us a better team in the future."

On being a senior and team leader
"That's one thing, the seniors on this team will not let us have a losing season. We won't accept it. Like I said, our goals are still in front of us. We [played well on defense and offensively we didn't play as well, but we know that we are capable of playing offensively. We're still all right on receivers, and we haven't lost anybody on defense. I think the younger guys are getting a lot of experience. When you play a team like Texas, you get some experience and learn a lot from the game. The team is a lot better and a lot sharper than we were before the game (at Texas)."

On Texas QB's Major Applewhite and Chris Simms in game
"I think on Applewhite you have a little more stability at quarterback and I think the offense, to me on the field, the offense responded to him a little bit better than they did Simms. I think that just comes with experience. He's been out there in big games. Once Simms gets some experience under his wing, it's going to be a tough thing up there in Austin, but I'm going to let them worry about that."


On Texas game
"We played pretty good defensively, I thought. We used to come out and get a win, and I consider winning contagious and we need to make a habit of it. As the season goes on, we're going to start gelling better, we're going to stop making those stupid mistakes. We've just got to keep working and keep plugging away."

On the Texas game being special
"Oh yeah, the talk all week was playing college football was playing teams like that (Texas). It was a big game for us. Now we just need to focus this week."

On health following spider bite on foot (brown recluse)
"I was in the hospital for a week, and had to have surgery to clean out the wound. But when I came back, it wasn't bothering me so much is that I lost 16 pounds and what killed me was no longer having endurance and stamina.

"At first I thought it was just a blister (the bite), but after a couple days it started to swell up pretty bad. So I went into the trainer. They opened it up and drained it, and after that Saturday game (at Rice) I couldn't even walk on it. I came in the next day with a 103-degree fever, they took a look at it and said they were putting me in the hospital. I'm okay now. I've gained my weight back."



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