A Quick Six Questions with Anthony Alridge

Oct. 2, 2007

1. Is there any special reason you wear number 22? Also, who is your favorite running back of all time? (Kelsy, Rosenberg)

AA: "I've been wearing (#22) ever since I started playing football, and LaDanian Tomlinson is my favorite running back. Or, Emmitt Smith."

2. You are considered one of the fastest football players in the nation. Ever thought about running track? (Maine Event, H-Town)

AA: "Yes, I will run in the indoor season."

3. Who is your favorite professional athlete, and what makes them a good role model for guys like yourself who are still in college? Also, if you are attending a wedding on a beach during the winter, do you wear dungarees or khakis? (Gene, Austin)

AA: "For the wedding, you wear khakis. LaDanian Tomlinson because he shows professionalism on and off the field."

4. Who is your best friend on the team? Who do you look up to the most? (Jack, Conroe)

AA: "I probably would have to say Jeron (Harvey) and DA (Donnie Avery), and definitely Jeff (Akeroyd)."

5. You guys had some really great plays against Colorado State, but Alabama is going to be a very tough game. How do you guys plan to get past their defense, running, passing, or just letting the game come to you? Thanks (Jack, Conroe)

AA: "They play a lot of man coverage. Usually the teams that play us man can get beat deep, so hopefully we can get some big strikes for touchdowns. Then, we can strike up the band (laughing)"

6. You are very handsome!!!! I was wondering if you had a girlfriend, and if not would you be interested in going on a date? (Alicia, Houston)

AA: No comment.



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