Football Press Luncheon Quotes from October 3


"I was real pleased with how our football team played in the first half last week. We've been talking about and stressing to our ball club about playing through segments for four quarters, and we played three segments for two quarters, so we got half-way there. And that's the emphasis for our football team right now is to get it for four quarters.

"It was important for us to gain some momentum going into conference play and I think our ball club did that Saturday. Again, in the fourth quarter when we had to get it done our football team did get it done both offensively and defensively. With the offense right now we're still trying to develop the consistency that we need to have to get a lead on people and then put somebody away in the ball game. And that's something that we're going to strive towards this week in practices, just being able to put somebody away.

"Defensively, I think we've been playing real consistently. It's going to be crucial for us switching gears and talking about how the defense has been playing and how the defense has to play this weekend to win this ball game (at Cincinnati). I think the critical phase of this week's ball game is that defensively we're going to have to play well in stopping the run. That's going to be essential for us early in the ball game. If we can do that and put them into their spread sets, I think they will struggle a little bit if we can initially stop the running game. If the defense is playing well early, which I would not be surprised if they do come out and play that way, then the offense is going to have to put points up on the board early and often. That's critical for us. Last week we had the chance to do that and just did not capitalize on every situation.

"Again, going back to the theme going back two-three weeks ago, our productivity is still good offensively, but our efficiency is not where it needs to be. We had a ton of good offensive possessions last week and we had a good amount of yards-I think we're third in the conference in yardage and we're up there pretty high nationally-but we're not up there in points scored. And that is something that our football team has to do a little better of is getting the ball into the end zone going into conference play.

"Also talking about a little bit more about the passing game, I think last week we wanted to try to run the football a little bit more but we went back to throwing the football. This week we're still looking for our football team to break out and have a little success at running the football. We're trying to develop a good balance.

"Something that I do within a season is highlight certain ball games that I think are critical, and this one (at Cincinnati) this year is very critical for our football team to win this one. And if we can, I think it gets us right back on track to all the goals we've talked about this year. I've stressed how important it is and how focused we need to be, and go down there and play focused but also have fun."


On his performance last week vs SMU
"I couldn't really believe it, I was excited. I didn't ever think it was going to be like this."

On Coach Dimel relying on him in this next game at Cincinnati
"I wouldn't say just rely on me. We've got other good receivers that can catch the ball, too."

Feelings on what Coach Dimel said about all the work the receivers do in practice
"In practice we run so many routes that in the game it's just so repetitious. But in the games we have to make the plays. In fact, we do a lot of hard work in practice, a lot."



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