Monday Morning Quarterback

Oct. 3, 2006

1. First of all I have got to say that I have enjoyed watching you over the last 3 years and you have really brought the cougar spirit back. You carry yourself like no other. I know this was a close one, but can you say that the team will be ready this next week for ULL and not have a let down game? This game will really show me if we are a team that is ready to play. We need to score early and often and take care of business. I wear your number with pride everywhere I go. Keep up the great work! (Russ)

"I think especially offensively the mindset is that you're ready to get back on the field as soon as possible. So, we didn't produce as well as we would have liked. This week we are anxious to get back on the field and get our confidence back up and put 40 or 50 points on the board. That should keep us focused."

2. With the chance to be unbeaten gone, how do you plan on rallying your teammates? I think you've done a great job. (Teddy F.)

"There is no doubt that the unbeaten aroma kept us focused for every game, but in the same token, so is 11-1. We understand that winning conference is the most important part of our season, and we still have a lot of goals yet to be achieved, so there is no let down this week."

3. Great game. Here's my question...Did you think Miami would go for it on fourth and inches in the fourth quarter? If they don't get it, there is a good chance we will win. (Yussein Manoff)

"I really didn't think they would go for it because they have some much confidence in their defense. Because they didn't (have confidence in their defense), it showed how much respect they had for our offense. It hurt and they were able to run out the clock, but that is the way the game was and some things didn't go our way."

4. What were you thinking when those two Miami guys hit you low and high after the whistle blew? (Donnie)

"I was a little shocked that the referee didn't blow his whistle more than once. I honestly barely heard it myself, so I wasn't upset with (the Miami players). I was more upset with the referee crew, and they both apologized after the play. They were clean players."



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