Monday Morning Quarterback

Oct. 9, 2006

1. Looks like you and Jeron were on the same page. How do you continue that connection? (Andy Williams)

A­Jeron and I have always had a connection because he is a big target. He knows how to find holes, so I don¹t think it is anything that we did different. It just so happened that a lot of balls went his way, and I was scrambling his way a lot of times. It is definitely nice to have that big target out there. We need to continue to use it.

2, Even with a disappointing loss, what can you get from the game that was positive? Hang in there. (Ralph Boyd) A­I think going back and looking at the film, it is never as bad what you think it is. It was just crucial times in the game that the tide went against us completely. It wasn¹t that we played a terrible game. (ULL) came out fired up. Just every time we needed something good to happen, then something bad would happen. It was one of those nights when the cards were stacked against us.

3. I was at the Louisiana game and it was painful to witness that loss. However, y¹all can still win the conference, so how are y¹all going to beat Southern Miss? (Clint Linder)

A­I think the first thing we need to do is stop their running game. They live and die off of (the running game.) Their defense is not as strong as it has been in the past. We have some patchwork on the OL, so we need to go in there with some confidence and continue to play our game like we did for the first four games.

4. How does it feel to be the school's all-time leader in consecutive starts? (Billy Johnson)

A­I really don¹t pay attention to that. I¹m just thankful the injury bug has stayed away from me. Hopefully, I will continue to do that. Right now, the biggest thing is winning ball games, so whoever is in there needs to get it done. It¹s a bad thing with some of the injuries we¹ve had, but we have to fight together, band together, and come away with some victories.



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