Monday Morning Quarterback

Oct. 16, 2006

1. Great game against OSU. The end of the game with the bright thunder, heavy rain and the crowd going crazy looked like something out of a Gatorade commercial. How much of a factor did having the 3rd largest crowd in Robertson Stadium history play in the OSU game do you think? I know everyone behind the end zone under the big video screen was yelling at the top of our lungs when OSU had the ball. From all of the guys at Sigma Pi Fraternity, keep up the great work and good luck against Miami. Go Coogs! (Travis Klecker)

A: The crowd was a huge factor and it was definitely the best memory that I have had at U of H. Now that we are coming back home for this stretch and being really banged up from injuries, we are definitely going to need all the help we can get. Thanks for the support guys! (Chris Herrera)

2. Kevin, My little brother Beau Price sits next to you in an Entrepreneur Course. I have not been a cougar fan since the "Ware" days. They just kind of fell off the map with the separation of the "Southwest Conference". You¹re making quite the impression! I really dug the Oklahoma State game and the explosiveness of the offense. Your style of football is incredibly addicting to watch. With you, Battle and Pope back there, you will win the conference title! I'm a big Texas fan, but I would love to see you guys beat their ass this year. Good Luck to you and we'll see you in the NFL!! Get that Heisman!! (Bart Price)

A: Thanks man, we have hit a bit of a tough road right now, but the season is still young and the conference championship is still in sight.

3. I am a super huge UH football fan and a big fan of yours. We have season tickets and I have really enjoyed watching you lead the team to their best start in 16 years. Saturday's game against OSU was awesome. Keep up the good work and good luck against Miami! (Andy Bishop)

A: Thanks for the support and stay with us through this season.

4. Kevin, I drive from San Antonio for every game to join my son, a Houston Alumni, to see you and the Coogs. We also attend most away games - we will be in Miami this week. We have struggled as fans at times but this year you and the Coogs are making our wait for the good times worth it all. The win last week was just so sweet. Tell your teammates that they have dedicated fans win or lose, but winning helps us Coog fanatics stay sane. 192,000 miles on my Honda Prelude and counting. (Jim and Greg Roberts)

A: Well thanks for the dedication. That is exactly what we need.

5. Hey bro. I just thought I'd say hi and let you know I've been watching you. I'm sure you probably already know how proud everyone is of you, so I won't bore you with that. Slow down dude. Your making me look bad!! Just kidding. Keep on trucking. And I wish you the best of luck! Go COUGARS! (Cousin Randy)

A: Hey man, thanks alot it is always good to here from you. Can't wait to see ya again.

6. Man you are one of the best QBs I have ever seen. That was a great game against Miami, I feel like the refs gave that one away. It's crap that Houston gets no national attention. Well man keep up the good work and hope to see you playing on Sundays. (Billy)

A: Thanks, it does seem that some of the calls were questionable, but it wasn't the sole reason for the loss.

7. Kevin, I don't have a question really. I just wanted to tell you that we are proud of the team. I watched the whole game on Saturday and it was close. I agree with you, the Coogs are a better team. The refs sure didn't help us out. I know being a player, one with respect, you're not going to say anything about the bad refs, but I can. It was ugly. Keep doing your thing and we'll be fine. CUSA champs, bowl win. I bet the team is excited about the crowds. I brought 25 people to OSUgame, most of whom don't usually go to games. Good luck and keep kickin' butt. Hope to see you playing on Sundays too. God Bless. (Derek)

A: Thanks, we can still achieve both of our goals and that is our only aim now.

8. What was the attitude of the team and coaches after the heartbreaker at Miami? You guys are awesome and still deserve to go 11-1!!! Go Coogs! (Kelley Alexander)

A: I think that it was more frustation than anything else, because we had so many opportunities slip away.



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