A Quick Six Questions with Anthony Alridge

Oct. 16, 2007

1. What do you think your chances are of making it to the NFL? (Gabe, Houston)

AA: "I'm really not too focused on the NFL right now. I'm just trying to do my part to help this team win a conference championship, and if the NFL comes after that, that'll be great."

2. What do you think of Terrance Ganaway? Do you think he can be even better than Jackie Battle was? (Sam, Houston)

AA: "He has some tough shoes to fill. But, he has great potential, he is a good kid and I like his attitude. He is a hard worker."

3. Is it hard to practice in the hot Houston weather? (Chuck, College Station)

AA: "Man, it is so hot out here. And humid, too. But, that is why we can play in the fourth quarter against any team."

4. Do you think God blessed you with a gift to play football? (Crownover, Fort Worth)

AA: "God blessed me tremendously with the gift to play football and run fast."

5. As your great COOG career continues into the NFL, what, if anything, can you do to encourage other fine athletes like yourself to come to the UH and bring us back to the limelight we all so dearly crave? (Jerry, Little Rock, Ark.)

AA: "It is a great school to go to. I enjoy doing what I do on the field, but I would tell (other athletes) that this is a great school to go to and it is a great city. If you play offense, this is a great offense to play in."

6. Quick Six, do you plan on putting on any weight before you go to the NFL? (Kyle, Waco)

AA - "I'm going to try my best (to put on weight), but I'll continue to be 172 or 173, so if I can gain six-to-eight more pounds, I'll be alright."



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