Cougars Prepare for Green Wave

HOUSTON (Nov. 1) - The University of Houston resumed to an earlier practice schedule on Wednesday (Nov.1) afternoon in preparation for their game Saturday at their Conference USA rival to the east in New Orleans, the Tulane Green Wave.

"The biggest thing this week is to make sure we respond from an emotional game last week (vs Southern Miss) and see if we're going to come out ready to play," said head coach Dana Dimel following practice. "I've been really pleased with the way our football team has played the last two weeksreally, really pleased. We just need to keep that going and by losing the game, make sure it doesn't set us back. That's been the big focus this week. It's about keeping our team focused on handling the adversity of last week and going into these next two weeks with our backs against the wall and see how we're going to respond to it."

In overcoming the adversity of a heartbreaking 6-3 loss to No. 14 Southern Miss despite an all-out effort on home turf, Dimel and his staff have altered the practice routine a bit, adding short team meetings prior to and long meetings after practice. Yet the focus has always been the fact that this week the Cougars are back on the road.

"We knew that if we were going to have any success this season we were going to have to win on the road," continued Dimel. "This week there's been a lot of preparation to allow us to win another road game, and for us to accomplish our goals we've got to win two road games back-to-back."

Thus, with Tulane being an opponent armed with an explosive, the Cougars' game scheme has changed. Rather than concentrate on simply shutting down the opponent on all fronts with a strong defensive attack, the Cougars are shifting gears.

"Tulane has a great offense, so we're not going into this game thinking we're just going to stop them," said Dimel. "We're going into this game thinking that we need to contain them but our offense is going to have to be more productive. So this week we've been putting in some new offensive plays and trying to be innovative a little bit, trying to expand our package a little bit."



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