Coach/Player Press Luncheon Quotes - Nov. 7


On last weeks game against Tulane
"I was a little bit surprised about how well they rushed the passer. Pass rush on the turf is always quicker and a little bit more intense. The speed on the turf definitely surprised us. We did not play as poorly in that game as I had originally thought. We just need to keep everything in perspective and look at the big picture."

"After I took all of the emotions out of it and evaluated the way that our football team played, I thought we played hard. We probably played well enough to win the game, but we just did not make the plays we should have at the right times. We had a couple of times when we could have put a knife in them and we just didnt make the right plays. So that game is something that we will learn from. This is all a process geared towards making our football team better in the future."

On the future of the program
"We have made a lot of plans to have a great team next season. The question is: Who do we play for the rest of the season? Well, if we can win our last two ballgames we end up 5-6 overall and 4-3 in conference. To have over .500 percentage in conference is a heck of an accomplishment for this football team. To end up 5-6 and 7-4 two years in a row, which is over .500 for back-to-back seasons. That hasnt been done here since 1990. So there are still a lot of things for this football team to play for and more importantly, we will play to get ourselves continually better to beat some top programs in the conference which I think that were just as good as. My assessment of this conference is there is not a big difference between anybody. Its about who ever is most prepared to play each Saturday."


On his game improving this season
"From the beginning of the season I think I've improved a lot. The first half of the season I was not used to seeing these really big guys, had to have the right attitude and get used to the speed of the game. These last couple games I think I've really come out and played a lot better. I think I'm used to the speed and will keep getting better."

On these final two games
"These two games I have to really assert my leadership. Next year I'm going to be a returning starter who has started every game, and there are only going to be a handful of guys on the defense or even on the whole team whole have done that. So, right now I think I need to assert myself as a leader on the field, get things going and back what I say up on the field."

On the game against East Carolina this weekend
"I doesn't now, I haven't really watched too much film yet. I think it's just playing how you need to play every game with 100 percent effort. I think their quarterback is going to be the main key for us. If we can get to him, which I know we will, and whether we take him down or not because he's a big guy and is real strong. If we can stop him and the offense can do their job we'll come out with a win."

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