Questions with Phillip Hunt

Dec. 20, 2008

How does it feel to be able to play your last game in the town you grew up in? "It feels great. The support from my family gives me more inspiration to play extra hard."

What are some of your expectations for the game? "I really just want to win. University of Houston hasn't won a bowl game in 28 years."

Who are some of the players we should keep our eye on for this game? "Tyron Carrier will have a big day at WR, along with RB Bryce Beall and Case Keenum.

What do you think Coach Sumlin brought to the table this year? "He was a great organized coach and provided a lot of team structure. He kept our team in order and we were one of the least penalized teams in Conference USA."

What is the difference going to be between this Air Force game compared to the last one? "Last Air Force game was displaced because of the hurricane. We can focus more on the game and go out there with less concern about personal issues back in Houston. We are going there expected to play well and to come out with a win."

Is there a different approach you and the seniors, are going to try and take this year to make sure the team comes out with the bowl along with a ring? "We want to stay focused as a team and have our mindset to make sure we come out with the win."

What are you going to have to do to make sure you get some pressure on the QB this game to finish off your one sack per game ratio? "I've got to keep my motor rolling and play with high enthusiasm. This is a running team so it's going to be tough. We have to take advantage with the drop backs that I get and I hope I can come away with a sack."

Do you have any play or game that stands out this year as most valuable? "The Tulsa game; they blew us out last year by about 40 points and this year we returned the favor of redemption."



What about a specific game for your career at University of Houston? "By far the 2006 Southern Miss Conference USA game. It felt like the world to me. That year as a team we overcame a lot of obstacles and I will never forget the feeling."

Are there any impressions you want to leave behind for the following players that come through this program? "I want to leave an impression that if you play hard and you come out to play hard every game anything is possible. Winning a conference championship is very possible along with winning a BCS championship in the years to come. I want UH to prosper in the years to come."

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