March 26-April 13

    Winner - Noel Lezama
    Winner - Steven Taake
    Winner - Jennifer Garner
    Winner - Jane Swanson
    Winner - James Roberts
    Winner - Pat Harlan
    Winner - Kurt Boyle
    Winner - Stephen Moreno
    Winner - Tom Stewart
    Winner - Eric Khan
    Winner - C. David Mee
    Winner - Paul Henley
    Winner - Mark Mohr
    Winner - Dee Ann Canfield
    Winner - Russell Ria
    Winner - Paul Picard
    Winner- Michael Rollins
    Winner: Fontanne Bickley
    Winner: Mark Cook
    Winner: Jamie Gallego
    Winner: Robert Sparks
    Winner: Troy Ralls
    Winner: Erick Bartusek
    Winner: Greg Murray
    Winner: Chris Miller
    Winner: William McCurdy
    Winner - Marc Iacono-Harris
    Winner - Monica Gutierrez
    Winner - Ray Kym
    Winner - Jason Perez
    Winner - Gary Nixon
    Winner - Christopher Dahlman
    Winner - Christopher Buck

    2012 Renewal Two-a-Days

    Houston Athletics will give away 30 prizes over the course of 15 days for our 2011 football season ticket holders who renew online or in person!

    If you renew online using E-Check or renew in person at the Houston Athletics Ticket Office with a check, you will be entered to win that day's prizes and all remaining drawings. All individuals who renew online or in person with credit card, debit card, check or E-Check will be eligible for all Grand Prize Friday drawings.

    Renewing before the first day (March 26) using E-Check or in person with a check will qualify you to win all 30 prizes. Your name will remain entered until chosen or the contest ends, so renew early for the best odds!

    Two winners will be chosen every week day, Monday through Friday for 3 weeks, March 26-April 13, and notified by Houston Athletics. Winners will also be posted above. There will be two winners Monday - Friday for the first 14 days and three prizes will be given on the final Friday, April 13. In addition, all Family Fun Plan ticket holders who renew will have the exclusive opportunity to win the Junior Reporter prize each Family Fun Plan Friday (details listed below).

    Prize Descriptions Day 1: Monday, March 26 Morning Work-Out: Houston Polo
    Afternoon Work-Out: Pair of Autographed Cleats

    Day 1: Monday, March 26

    Morning Work-Out: Houston Polo
    Afternoon Work-Out: Pair of Autographed Cleats

    Day 2: Tuesday, March 27
    Morning Work-Out: Autographed football by 2012 team and coaches
    Afternoon Work-Out: $200 in Gift Certificates

    Day 3: Wednesday, March 28
    Morning Work-Out: Guest Coach of Red Team at 2012 Spring Game
    Afternoon Work-Out: Guest Coach of White Team at 2012 Spring Game

    Day 4: Thursday, March 29
    Morning Work-Out: Personal Video Board Message at a Home Football Game
    Afternoon Work-Out: Shasta/Sasha Appearance at a company or business function

    Day 5: Friday, March 30 (Grand Prize Friday)
    Morning Work-Out: Autographed helmet by 2012 team and coaches
    Afternoon Work-Out: Lunch with Coach Levine (winner and 3 guests)

    Day 6: Monday, April 2
    Morning Work-Out: Pre-game photo on John O'Quinn Field (winner and 9 guests)
    Afternoon Work-Out: $250 Fan Shop Voucher

    Day 7: Tuesday, April 3
    Morning Work-Out: Access to a Closed Football Practice (winner and guest)
    Afternoon Work-Out: Framed Autographed Poster of Robertson Stadium

    Day 8: Wednesday, April 4
    Morning Work-Out: Game Worn Jersey
    Afternoon Work-Out: Kick-Off Kid (must be between K-8th grade)

    Day 9: Thursday, April 5
    Morning Work-Out: Round of golf with 2 football assistant coaches (winner and guest)
    Afternoon Work-Out: Experience a game behind the scenes

    Day 10: Friday, April 6: (Grand Prize Friday)
    Morning Work-Out: Honorary Captain for One Home Game
    Afternoon Work-Out: Invitation to Houston Athletics Private Event (winner and 1 guest)

    Day 11: Monday, April 9
    Morning Work-Out: After Practice Catch Session at Robertson
    Afternoon Work-Out: Opportunity to take Holiday Card Picture on John O'Quinn Field

    Day 12: Tuesday, April 10
    Morning Work-Out: Access to a post-game press conference (non-participatory access for winner and guest)
    Afternoon Work-Out: Free dinner for 4 at The Pulse with Tony Levine

    Day 13: Wednesday, April 11
    Morning Work-Out: Season passes to the Coach's Club (winner and 3 guests)
    Afternoon Work-Out: Free admission for one child to a Houston Football Summer Camp

    Day 14: Thursday, April 12
    Morning Work-Out: 2 sideline passes for pre-game warm-up
    Afternoon Work-Out: Autographed Programs from Each Home Game in 2012

    Day 15: Friday, April 13 (Grand Prize Friday)
    Morning Work-Out: VIP Parking for entire season
    Afternoon Work-Out: TBA

    Family Fun Plan Friday

    In addition to the great prizes given throughout the week, Family Fun Plan ticket holders who renew will have an exclusive opportunity to win the chance to be a Junior Reporter at a post-game press conference at one home football game during the 2012 season.

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