The walk-on program is critical for any college football team and the University of Houston has recognized walk-on talent enough to award 26 scholarships in the past eight years. To inquire about being a part of the walk-on program, please view the walk-on policy link and/or contact Tory Teykl at tteykl@Central.UH.EDU.

    Linell Bonner, WR, So.
    Hayden Daniels, TE, Sr.
    Melvin Holland, DT, Sr.
    Tyler White, CB, Sr.

    Kyle Bullard, K, Jr.
    Dylan Seibert, P, Sr.
    Luke Stice, LB, Jr.

    Shane Ros, WR, Sr.
    Nolan Frese, DS, Jr.

    Ameen Behbahani, DT, Sr.
    Chris Cermin, DB, Sr.
    Crawford Jones, QB, Sr.
    Braxton Welford, RB, Sr. 

    John McIntyre, LB, Sr.
    Colton Valencia, DB, So.

    Jaryd Anderson, OL, Sr.
    Brandon Hartson, LS, So.
    Matt Hogan, PK, So.
    Cotton Turner, QB, Jr.

    CJ Cavness, LB, Sr.
    Tim Mercer, S, Sr.
    Brian Smelek, TE, Jr.

    Isaiah Agson, OL, Sr.
    Patrick Edwards, WR, Fr.
    Chaz Rodriguez, WR, Jr.
    Chase Turner, P, Jr.

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