Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes

Jan. 10, 2013

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Opening Statement
"This was Coach (Ravon) Justice's scout, and she did a great job. The entire staff came together. They made some really nice adjustments. It wasn't so much adjustments of what we were trying to do, but it was just trying to execute what we've been planning the whole week. We were just fine tuning some things. We've still got a long way to go. We're a young basketball team, but we're pretty gritty and gutty. Tonight was another one of those examples of never quitting. We grinded it out the entire basketball game."

On the team giving up so many offensive rebounds in the first half
"It was horrible. We gave up 18 to be exact. We were getting outrebounded 35-26 total. We obviously were aware of it. We addressed it, and I give our kids a lot of credit. We were giving up position on the half court stuff defensively that put us in a no-win situation for the rebound scenario. We adjusted that at halftime as well. That helped because we only ended up getting outrebounded by six. Our pursuit of the basketball was a lot better in the second half to be honest. We got hungry and really aggressive."

On the play of junior center Yasmeen Thompson
"Yasmeen really showed up in the second half. I'm proud of her. To hold home court advantage is paramount for us in any league. With the next two being on the road, this is the start that we needed."

On the difference of the team's play when senior guard Porsche Landry was not on the court
"When we don't have her, we lose our way sometimes. We lose our way with how aggressive we want to play and how we push the basketball in transition. Quite candidly, they couldn't stop us (in transition). Our transition at times was our best offense because she is so fast, and we have other kids that can run the floor. They really struggled with their defensive transition. That was the game-plan--to really push them, make them guard us, and stop us in transition."



On his emotions during the game
"I'm really proud of the way that our kids responded to it all. I'm going to compete. I'm going to compete every single second that I'm on the clock, and I'm going to fight for our kids. Collectively, we did what we needed to do, and we kept our composure when we needed to keep it the most."

On the play of freshman forward Marche' Amerson
Basically what I told her is, `you are a great kid, and you're a great player. You just have to relax, and you have to play. A lot of it is just taking it all in. Instead of letting everything come to you; you've got to take it to them and be more aggressive.' I'm really proud of her, and I was really proud of the way she displayed that tonight. She was the real deal."

On what the team needs to improve before going on the road for the next two games
"We just have to be better with the basketball. I'll take 12 turnovers every single time. We've got to convert. There were so many opportunities. It felt like there were more than seven steals. We've got to do a better job of making the most out of every single possession. The other obvious of what we have struggled with for most of the year is free-throw shooting. I was pleased the way we attacked and got to the line tonight, but we've got to be a 75-percent plus free-throw shooting team."

On what it says about his team after winning back-to-back close games
"We continuously grow. We're starting to make strides to not just getting better, but understanding the process of what it takes. With such a young group it's taking time. It's taken a lot longer than I would like, but that's part of the journey. You have to have some patience and let kids grow up. You're going to make some mistakes. Unfortunately, you're going to sometimes have to take two steps back to take three steps forward. That's a good analogy of what we've gone through. We're like the stock market. We're all over the place, and we're always up and down. We've got to find a balance, and we're close to that."

SENIOR GUARD Porsche Landry
On the physicality of the game
"The game was very physical, but we just had to play through it. Our practices can become very physical, which prepares us for a game like tonight's. It didn't faze us. In the timeouts we came together, talked about what they were giving us and made adjustments."

On opening conference play with a win
"Conference play is just like the playoffs because every game counts. They had us ranked 10th, in the preseason so we have to go out and prove ourselves."

On what Coach Buchanan said at halftime
"Coach stressed rebounding and that everybody needed to attack the defensive glass. We had to come together and rebound because that's what keeps us in games."

On the difference in runs by both teams
"The runs we had, we were playing Houston Basketball. On their run, we just lacked defense and played lackadaisical. We came out of the timeout and played much better."

On growing as a team in recent weeks
"We're learning how to win and grow. We have a young team that's learning how to come together and how to put away games. We've talked about that all year and it's starting to show."

On Marche' Amerson's performance
"Marche' is a big factor, and her scoring today was huge for us. It doesn't matter that she's a freshman. She came out and played big for us."

On the pace of the game
"Sometime towards the end of the game we got ahead of ourselves. We came together, talked about it, and slowed the game down. We wanted to take control of the game instead of letting them control it."

On her first conference game
"At the end of the day basketball is just basketball. In conference we are trying to win and get somewhere. We just have to come out and treat every game the same. You have to play your heart out and play good defense. It's all about the team and how much you put in."

On her performance tonight
"My team has needed me these past couple of days and I haven't been there. Pea [Porsche Landry] did a great job of finding me when I was open, and that's all you can ask from your point guard is to find you when you're open."

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