Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes Game 19

Wade Scott

Jan. 25, 2014

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Houston Interim Head Coach- Wade Scott

Opening Statement

"We didn't show up in the first half. Couldn't guard anybody. Didn't execute on offense. Got Stagnant. We let them build a lead and couldn't come back to get back in it. I give credit to SMU. They came out, and they were ready to play."

On what he said to the team at halftime

"I really can't remember to be honest with you. We were talking more about trying to set up the press more than anything else. It wasn't a big rah-rah thing at halftime. We were just trying to make some adjustments; trying to get some points on the board. Trying to keep them from scoring."

On SMU being able to answer Houston's runs

"Early in the second half we had a little momentum, but we didn't capitalize on it. We gave up a layup the following play. It just comes down to being able to execute, being able to run your plays and being able to guard people. We just gave them too many open shots. It's hard to beat somebody when they shoot 50 percent."

On the shots Houston was missing

"When we get around traffic we're not closing open shots down. We pull back or we take our eye off the basket. On the outside shots, I don't know if we're a great catch-and-shoot team. We have to put it on the floor a little bit, and try to get a bit closer. People are adjusting to that, and it makes it hard to score."

On something positive to hang their hats on during tough stretch

"Up until today we've rebounded the ball really well, and at times our defense has been pretty good. For the most part I thought we could have hung our hat on being able to guard people and being able to rebound. Today just wasn't the case. We didn't guard or rebound very well. Those are the two biggest things that we can do right now."

Senior Center- Yasmeen Thompson

Thoughts on the game

"We started off not intense in the game. Second half I think we came back, but it's just little pieces that we need to work on. With our defense we give up a lot. If we just keep fighting we will be fine."

Senior Forward- Te'onna Campbell

Thoughts on the game

"Offensively we know no other team can stop us; it's just about containing them. It's about using our strengths better because we go away from our strengths sometimes. Like when we first started off we started shooting instead of driving. But offensively I feel like we are fine; we just need to find a rhythm. Defensively we just need to know how to contain people and not get too anxious. Sometimes on defense we get so anxious to get a run and to score, we get away from containing them. Once we do that and rebound a little more we will be better."

On pressing too hard and thinking too much

"We do think too much and at times are too stagnant. Once we get into a flow and find a rhythm we will be fine. We are the only team in the conference that doesn't have a rhythm of what we do and what we do best. Once we can find a rhythm in that and not let other teams interfere with that, then we will be fine. We just need to find a rhythm and find a comfort zone. We are just everywhere right now."



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