Houston vs. UTEP Postgame Quotes

Jan. 27, 2013

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Opening Statement
"I didn't like the flow of the game ten minutes in to be quite honest. We didn't take advantage when Kayla Thornton picked up her second foul. She only played nine minutes in the first half, and we weren't able to take advantage of that. We were in that same situation with YT (Yasmeen Thompson) and Marissa (Ashton) but we never got in a rhythm or controlled the tempo. The part that hurts me the most is we weren't able to come up with the fifty-fifty balls. They outworked us, out hustled, and out played us. At the end of the day you have to give credit to UTEP."

On the matchup guarding Anete Steinberga
"The kid is a nice player, but for us to just be dominated by her with our post core baffles me. She just outworked us, and they were smart. Keitha (Adams) does a good job with them, and they got her isolated the entire second half once they saw that we had no answer for it. I'm already beating myself up, because I had talked about playing some zone just to get the tempo back. I decided to back off from that because they started making threes. They were doing nice inside outside moves, then Thornton made a big three after an offensive rebound that was a dagger for us. That is the one thing I have to go to bed with wondering what if."

On the defensive play from the first half to the second half
"Energy, as simple and generic as that sounds it was a lack of energy, and the complete opposite for them. Some of our roles are set up by how well we are shooting that day. If I'm shooting well then I'll play defense. So when we don't get going they let it affect them on the other side of the ball. It is very disappointing to watch."

On the shot selection
"I was happy with the shots we took today for the most part. There was a section of the game where we settled, and stopped attacking. We settled for poor shots, but for the majority of the game it was okay. I told them at halftime we are at our best when we can control the tempo and score in transition. When we are good at that, and do those things we are a really good team. I didn't feel like we got into that rhythm today. It isn't like the first time we've seen a zone, so I don't know why we didn't have that extra bounce in our step. I told them if you can't get excited for this game against the defending conference champions then you might as well stay home. We were okay for 30 minutes and the last 10 we didn't play well at all."

On Porsche Landry's play
"I've said since I got here that we are going to ride or die with Porsche. It's who she is and what she's about. Things get tough, and she played 40 minutes today. She has the heart that's the size of the state of Texas. It becomes as frustrating for her as much as it does for the rest of us. I will never question her heart, and as long as we have her heart I couldn't care less about her stats. The biggest thing with her is we have to have a short memory, because she is very hard on herself. That's going to be my biggest message to her, and we have to keep our heads up and work hard. We have to do that in order to get things right, so that when we go to Dallas we can get the job done."

JUNIOR FORWARD Te'onna Campbell

On what happened in the second half
"We didn't carry our intensity. We didn't meet their intensity. We have to do better in the second half in the rest of the games."

On what was different about her game in the second half compared to the first half
"In the second half I probably beat myself more. I was thinking too much and putting a lot of pressure on myself because I wanted us to win so badly. If I just relaxed how coach tells me and just play I probably would have done better."

On being outrebounded
"We tried, but they had more rebounders going toward the boards than we did most of the time. It was just numbers really. If you get outnumbered then you get outnumbered. We were both aggressive, but we didn't have enough people on the boards."

SENIOR GUARD Porsche Landry

On what went wrong in the second half
"We have to do a better job of finishing, and when the pressure is on, coming together and delivering what we worked on."

On guarding Anete Steinberga
"From a guard perspective, it looked like it was hard to get around her. Our help defense wasn't enough. She had a quick release. That's the key. You can't play behind. Period."

On the team's shot selection
"The majority of our shots were good shots. They just weren't falling. We just had one of those nights where we couldn't get anything to fall. We got good looks, but we beat ourselves, because we hesitated a lot. We're just playing games within our own minds. We beat ourselves if anybody beats us."

On any big plays that turned the game in the second half
"I would have to say when (Kayla) Thornton hit that three in the second half. That was the turning point of the game where the momentum shifted, and we just couldn't pick it back up."

On being outrebounded
"I wouldn't necessarily say they wanted it more. Some nights you're going to get outrebounded."



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