Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes

Feb. 7, 2013

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Opening Statement
"First thing I'll say is congratulations to Coach (Heather) Macy. It was a great job on East Carolina's part and a very poor job on our's. I blame myself as far as where we're at right now. We are in a huge lull right now. It's one thing to be in a lull, but it's worse as a coach when you're trying everything you know to get them out of it. I need to help them get out of it. It's not fun."

On if the team has a lack of confidence right now
"That's a great assessment. If somebody would have told me when we assembled this basketball team, with a recruiting class ranked as high as No. 22, that we would have struggled scoring, I wouldn't have believed it, but it's exactly the case. There's a very strong correlation about lack of confidence offensively, and right now we've gone to another level of bad decision and poor shot selection."

On what changed the game
"We shoot ourselves in the foot so to speak. We had the thing cut to one point, 46-45, with a lot of time left to comeback and do what we've done in the past--take the game over and win the game. We missed six free throws, and we put ourselves in a lull and put our head down instead of fighting back and making up for it. We showed our immaturity and lack of discipline on the defensive side and gave up two threes. Next thing you know the one-point game turns into a 12-point game. At the end of the day that's the ballgame."

On what the team is doing wrong
"We don't block out and we don't do the things we're supposed to do. They make us pay for it, which all good basketball teams do. Unfortunately for us right now, we've played the top four teams in Conference USA in a row. It's a tough league."

On what was said at halftime
"I was just trying to get feedback from them as far as what they felt comfortable with. I know (Associate Head) Coach (Wade) Scott has absolutely pulled his hair out, because he's drawn everything from NBA stuff to other college stuff, to his stuff, to some of my stuff, to everything you can possibly come up with for them to run. We finally came up with the triple-post triangle and it worked."

On the struggles offensively
"Running in transition is one thing. Nobody wants to do that more than I do, but at the same time you have to run in transition and score in transition when it's there. If it's not there you have to come back out, run secondary stuff and get into your set, and we don't do a good job with that. Even when we do we sometimes miss easy shots."

On the upcoming game against Rice
"It's an inner-city rivalry. If you can't get crunk and get up to play that game on their floor, on national TV, then stay home. That's what I told them. It's Rice. It's a rivalry. Everybody knows that. Even the freshmen know that. They haven't experienced it, but they know that. If there is ever a time where we needed incredible motivation beyond what we're trying to give them, and what they're trying to give each other, then it's standing right there in front of us on Sunday afternoon. They're a cross-town rival. Everything you can ask for. It's time to cowboy up, or its time to go home."

SENIOR GUARD Porsche Landry
On what went wrong
"We lost our intensity. We would go on runs and cut the lead to one or two, and then we lost our composure. We didn't execute."

On Coach Buchanan's message at halftime
"He told us to stay in it. We were down 12, and he stressed that it was six possessions. We came out and executed those six possessions. We needed six stops and needed to score six times. He stressed that. After their little run we lost our intensity."

On how to fix what is wrong
"We have to execute our free throws, and we have to finish easy layups. We have to run the floor, and we have to play Cougar basketball. We're not executing anything that we're going over right now. We just have to come together and play like a team."

On what made the biggest difference in the game
"The biggest difference was getting down 12 and having to fight back and exhaust ourselves. When we got there, we relaxed. That was the biggest difference. If we would have come out and played from the beginning the results would have been different."

JUNIOR CENTER Yasmeen Thompson
On what went wrong in the game
"We dug ourselves out of the hole and then got comfortable. We started getting lazy in possessions and we weren't talking."

On how to fix what is wrong
"We just have to come together. We need to talk more. Finish our free-throws."



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