Houston vs. SMU Postgame Quotes

Feb. 24, 2013

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Opening statement
"Great win. I'll start with that. SMU is obviously the best team in our conference for a reason. They are a tremendous team. I felt like today was the most complete game that we've played from start to finish. I am really pleased that it couldn't be happening at a better time. The one thing that we have to understand is that it's one game. We have to continue to get better each and every day to ultimately prepare to get to the conference tournament and be contenders."

On what led to the win
"We match up well with them. They're not dominantly big or anything like that. We have a lot of athletes; they have a lot of athletes. I think (Keena) Mays and Porsche (Landry) really offset each other a lot of times. I thought Te'onna (Campbell) did a really, really good job defending her. I thought Alecia (Smith) did a good job with denying her the ball. I thought Bianca Winslow came in and gave huge minutes in doing the same thing. Our personnel is very similar, but at the end of the day, it's a pride thing. They're four hours right down the road and it's in-state. It's a rivalry, and when it's huge rivalries, you want to play your best basketball and show up play with a big heart. We did that today."

On Marche' Amerson's three-point buckets
"She was incredible. She had been playing extremely well, and she really struggled today for the most part. She had the tenacity in her heart to come back and make the shots that she made on the biggest stage. That's what great players do. It swayed the game with confidence and momentum and we never let go of it."

On Yasmeen Thompson
"She was the sole reason why we had a one-point lead at the half. We didn't play that bad, we just struggled scoring. We didn't do a good job of rebounding, but she held us together. She was the difference maker."



On Alecia Smith's 18 points
"She's been struggling, it's not a hidden secret or anything like that. For her to come and score once again in a game like today, it shows what kind of player and kid she is. That's an exceptionally competitive player as well as person. She's put in the work. That's what great players do. They go and play really well. There's other times where you get in a slump and you work your way out of it."

On biggest play of the game
"Obviously, Marche's shot in the corner is the biggest play of the game just because of time, situation, and momentum. There are so many other plays. Porsche took over and distributed the basketball. Collectively, Bianca, Alecia, and Te'onna's defense on Mays was a huge difference maker. The kid is one of the leading scorers in the conference, with 20-plus points, and we held her to 15. Te'onna's help on the screen there towards the end was huge. She blocked the shot. There are so many big plays in that kind of a game, I'd hate to short change anybody."


On the three-point shots down the stretch
"I got off to a slow start with the fouls. I didn't have much confidence, but after I took that first shot in the corner I knew that my team needed me. "

On defending Keena Mays
"In the second half we didn't pay as much attention to her as we needed. We let her get hot, and once she got going she knocked some shots down. We came together and said we need to lock her down, and tighten up our defense as a whole. We knew they were needing her to score."


On success against SMU
"I like playing against SMU because they are from Dallas. I grew up playing in that gym, and I knew most of those coaches because they saw me play in high school."

On matching up well with SMU
"It's the way we prepare for them. Our coaches did a great job of telling us what to do, and it's up to us to execute the plan."

JUNIOR CENTER Yasmeen Thompson

On bench contributions
"Everybody came together, and that's how we should play all of our games. From the bench, on the floor, and our coaching staff it was easy to produce tonight and win the game."

On the double-double performance
"My teammates kept me in the game. I was getting frustrated, because I thought certain things should have gone my way. They kept me in the game, and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have had the day I had."

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