Houston vs. UCF Postgame Quotes

Feb. 26, 2012

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HEAD COACH Todd Buchanan

Opening statement
"I'm so proud of the team. A lot of emotion went through our minds and hearts. Senior Day is never easy. It certainly wasn't easy today. I am mentally drained after today. We really needed to get this win today especially for our seniors. Central Florida is a great basketball team so for us to be able to do what we did today was great. We got this win collectively as a whole and everybody played their role. We played with a sense of urgency and confidence. The category that sticks out to me today is the 16 assists. Today was by far the best we've moved the basketball around collectively as a team this season."

On seniors Michelle White and Roxana Button
"Michelle White was the first recruit that I signed here. She went through injuries and didn't play many minutes last year. She finds a way to come back her senior year and keeps her head up. I am proud of her stamina. She has grown tremendously into a leader. What can I say about Rox? She's had one of the most storied seasons in statistical categories and earned Academic All-America honors."

On Danielle Parks
"Phenomenal. She played just as well today as she did at East Carolina. It is all about consistency and stepping up. She has those abilities. It is great when kids step up and flourish. It makes you very proud."

On getting players to play consistently
"We see it in practice all the time. They come out strong in practice and don't show up to the game. It all boils down to consistency. When they have the success that they had today, it will be easier for them to buy in. "

On the different emotions after today's game
"It was emotional. I had to work harder today emotionally than I've had to since we cut down the nets after the UTEP game last year. They couldn't be for more opposite situations."

On how the team responded when UCF gained a lead in the second half
"We played to win the basketball game today. We finally settled in and executed and continued to attack. We stayed hungry and were able to stop the bleeding."

On how big this win is for the young players on the team
"I think it is vital for building this program. It makes it easier for them to taste success. We finally played together as a team and finally showed that they really cared about each other. It is never too late."

SENIOR GUARD Michelle White

On getting the win in the home finale
"I'm proud that my team played with us and that we showed up. We all gave effort and fought to the end."

On the difference in today's game versus Thursday's loss
"We were more focused because they knew it was our senior night, and we didn't want to come on our home court in our last home game and lose. We were more focused."

On if the team can keep this chemistry and momentum going
"If we come with the same mindset that we did today, we can beat anybody on any given day."

On handling emotions about their last home game
"I was thinking too much. Little mistakes here and there, we were anxious and trying to win, but we knew we had the lead with three minutes left. We were just trying to win, and that's where I got caught up."

On Coach Buchanan's words as he took the seniors out at the end of the game
"He told us that he loves us and he's proud of us."

SENIOR GUARD Roxana Button

On thoughts during today's game
"I can't express in words how it feels to get a win, but it's kind of bittersweet. It's great to get a win but that being my last game on that court is sad. I'm proud of Dani (Parks) and the whole team. That was awesome the way we came together. I wish we could have done it earlier, but better late than never."

On teammates helping beat the double team
"The girls found openings and gaps on the court. That was the biggest key instead of just standing there to help me beat the double team."

On how this season has tested them
"This has been a test, but if we can just apply it to life this makes us so much stronger as people. It builds our character. If we can go through a season like this we can go through pretty much anything."

On handling emotions about their last home game
"As far as last game, I was trying to focus more on just winning than the fact that this was my last home game. For us to be able to stay on top and not lose our lead was great. Every timeout the coaches were in there keeping us on track and I think that's what got us through."


On playing today's game as a team
"First of all, we started playing as team. That's what started me off was seeing us have that chemistry."

On playing harder today for the seniors
"I wanted it for them. I wanted them to know how it feels to win their last game on their home court. We needed this as a team."

On if UCF double-teaming Button motivated the team
"Yes it did because that was their focus. They believed that if they stopped her then they stopped the whole team, and we proved that we can work as a team and that we have ability. We did what we had to do to win that game."



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