Houston vs. Rice Postgame Quotes

March 3, 2013

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HEAD COACH Todd Buchanan

Opening statement
"I'm extremely proud of this basketball team. The kids played really hard. We got in that situation with Te'onna (Campbell) and Yasmeen Thompson, with two fouls again, halfway through the first half. Tyler Gilbert played great minutes for us. Bianca (Winslow) came off the bench and did her thing as well. She really helped us a lot. Obviously, with all the emotion of it being senior day, and Porsche's (Landry) last ride into the sunset here in Hofheinz, I was really proud of how we came together and kept our emotions in check to get the job done at the end of the day."

On what senior guard Porsche Landry has meant to the team and program
"That's a tough one. There are so many words to describe that kid. You're trying to get me emotional aren't you? She's meant everything. You can say whatever you want to say about the kid. Obviously she's put this young group of freshman and ten new faces on her back and carried us to the promise land time and time again. She's human, and she makes mistakes here or there, but at the end of the day if I had to describe her in two words it would be `heart' and `competitor'. That's what she is. She'll have a legacy here at the University of Houston for the rest of her life. She's been that good. She's obviously very deserving of everything she's been able to accomplish. I've been very humbled and proud to be her coach for the last three years."

On the team's success on offense
"It was three fold. The first part of it was we stayed aggressive. Our defense got us into being aggressive. The other part of it is, we had 10 or 11 offensive rebounds, and we turned that into points finally. When you get an offensive rebound, nine times out of ten, it's going to be a two or three foot shot, and I like our odds most of the time with making those. The other positive was that we were able to create some of our offense out of our defense. In all three of those phases it helps the field goal percentage go up tremendously."

On the difference in the two halves offensively
"We probably got in a hurry at times. We missed some easy ones in transition, and that got to our head a little bit. We probably needed to slow down a little bit. At times we got too deep and forced some things. To sum it up we made it harder than it needed to be. They had a tremendous fight back there. They're never going to die. They made some big shots. Megan Shafer got them back in the basketball game and hit some big shots, but we were able to weather that. The other part of it is we didn't rebound near as well. For the most part, we rebounded it when we really needed to."

On what the team needs to do different against Tulsa this time around
"Show up. It's really that simple at times. Tulsa is a nice basketball team, but we have a chance to finish up winning three of our last four if we go there and take care of business. We let them go on an 11-0 run late and lose by four or five. That hurts. It's going to be their senior day, and they'll be jacked up. (Taleya) Mayberry is a great player, and it will be her last go just like it was Porsche's today. Very similar situations, and now we're going to be on the other side of it. We're going to have to be in it early. If we go to Tulsa with the same attitude and lack of energy that we showed up here with we'll get beat. That's the bottom line to it. We have to really step up and be who we need to be each and every game. We have to finish halves. That's the one thing we did today when we really needed to. We were able to finish."

On the team coming together and playing for senior Porsche Landry
"That's what family members do. You fight for each other. When you have a player who's meant so much to this program, you want to prolong it as long as you possibly can. That's great motivation for all of us. I've always been really big on seniors. It's a special year and a special time. The longer you can play the better off you are. There's no hidden agenda there."

Senior Guard Porsche Landry

On her last home game
"I just came out, had fun and played with no conscience. I just wanted to win and get my teammates involved, and they held up their end of the bargain and finished. I just played with no conscience."

On her outstanding performance
"I really don't know how to describe my game, but I was just driving. I took what the defense gave me. I just came out and played."

On finishing her home career with a win against Rice
"Last year we got swept by them, so we just wanted to come out and make a statement this year. They are a good ball team, Jessica Kuster is a phenomenal player. We just wanted to win. For that to happen everybody needed to play well, and we did."

On the next game against Tulsa
"We have to do well on the defensive end and execute. It was a close game when they came here, so we're going to try to get this split and play hard. We're going to come out strong defensively and get our offensive flow. We just want to connect and play well."

On what could have been better during today's game
"We weren't rotating out to the shooters well. We fouled them too much and sent them to the line. We regrouped when Coach Buchanan called timeout, and remembered what we were playing for."

On if she was aware of almost having a triple-double tonight and becoming the seventh all-time scorer
"To be honest I wasn't aware of the seventh all-time scoring spot, but I was aware of the assists record. I wasn't trying to reach that goal. I was just trying to play, have fun and make my teammates better. Yes, I was aware of the triple-double. I didn't go out of my way to get it. If it didn't come, it didn't come. My teammates played well and they executed. There was no need for me to go out of my way to try to get that. I just went out and played."

Junior Center Yasmeen Thompson

On her play today
"The whole team had a goal for this game. We said `this is P's last game, so we're going to show up. A couple of my teammates and I were talking about P's assists. We said we were going to try to get her those assists. All I know is that when she gave me the ball, I just finished. It was already happening before it happened."

On what it will take to be successful in the conference tourney
"It's going to take all of us being on the same page. We need to start off strong and act like every game is P's last game. That's how I feel, because I felt like we were playing for something today."



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