Houston vs. Alabama Postgame Quotes

Nov. 13, 2012

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HEAD COACH Todd Buchanan

Opening statement
"I'm really proud of our basketball team. We played with a lot of energy and a lot of heart. The effort part of our game is there, but the execution and ability for us to rebound the basketball is not there. We have given up what feels like a zillion offensive rebounds in these past two games. We are doing as good of a job as we can converting our defense into our offense."

On why the ball was turned over so much tonight
"A lot of our kids don't realize how fast and how athletic games at this level move. They don't see things that they should see when throwing a pass. They think that the next person is going to be open. There is too much distance and too much recoverability time at this level. Several times tonight, we shot ourselves in the foot trying to make a good play. For the most part, we did a pretty good job of attacking and getting to the free throw line."

On difficultly of making three-pointers tonight
"There was a lack of communication. We talk about how we need to protect the basketball, stop the ball, and work your way inside and out everyday. It sounds so easy, but sometimes we make it a lot more difficult than it should be. We need a lot of repetitions and a lot of practice to continue to get better. It's not effort, it's a lack of accountability to be willing."

On communication during the last three minutes of the game
"There were times where we were no more than three possessions away with plenty of time on the clock. I looked out on the floor tonight and at one given time, we had four freshmen on the court. When you don't have Porsche [Landry] on the floor towards the end, it makes it a little more difficult. Even with her in the game, its difficult. We weren't running and executing the way we should. Our sense of urgency wasn't where it should have been."

On playing like a championship team
"When you're a championship team, you play with poise and confidence. You play with the ability to do the little things. If I need you to go get 17 rebounds and play 39 minutes, that's what you need to do, like Yasmeen (Thompson) did tonight. There are so many things beyond the x's and o's of playing championship basketball. For the most part, I think our kids bought into that. For us to out-rebound a team like Alabama, that is certainly one phase we did complete. We got to the foul line, but we needed to cash in on it. It's not as much of buying in than it is a learning level. We have the talent and the pieces of the puzzle to play as a championship caliber team."


On tonight's game
"We played well, but we didn't execute and get over that little hump that we needed to get over."

On the turnovers
"I'm not satisfied with the 27 turnovers, especially with me being the point guard and having nine of those. That is not something that we want. We set a goal, and obviously we didn't reach that goal."

On what positives can be taken from the loss
"We went to the offensive boards, which was good. We also got to the line better in this game. We just have to watch our fouls, but as a whole we're coming together. The chemistry is there."

On Alabama's three-point shooting
"We didn't have a problem adjusting, we were just rotating slow. We practice against guys and they do the same thing. We just didn't rotate like we were supposed to."

JUNIOR FORWARD Yasmeen Thompson

On tonight's game
"Overall, the team trusted each other and we all stuck together. We can do better on little things, but we played hard and gave great effort. It's just like Pea [Porsche Landry] said, we need to get over that little hump."

On what positives can be taken from the loss
"The team's effort. Playing well as a team and trusting one another is a positive. Our rebounding is good, but it could be better. We have a lot of positives, but we have room to grow."

On the pace of the game
"We are a fast-pace team, but sometimes we go a little too fast, beat ourselves and create turnovers. Sometimes we just don't think. The majority of the time you don't even have to go fast, you can slow it down and then speed it up."

On having a championship mindset
"Basically, it's just like seeing yourself already at the championship. Each game we are preparing ourselves for the championship, whether we win or lose. We lost today, but we're taking these pieces to improve and get better for the next game."


On the pace of the game
"Fast pace is good for us. We have people that are long, quick, and can get out and run, but sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves and make mistakes when we go too fast."

On tonight's game
"We could have done a better job of getting the ball to the shooters. Like Pea [Porsche Landry] said, we should have been more aggressive on that. Some of us were being passive and not wanting to let them get to the basket. Closing out slow kind of hurt us, and we didn't get over the hump."

On Alabama's three-point shooting
"We have to build on every game, and go out and play hard. Nobody wants to lose, but when you do, you have to learn from it. You have to take something and build on it, so when you get to that actual championship moment, you know exactly what to do. You have to be comfortable, and ready to go out there and shine."



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