Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes Game 2

junior guard Demetria Foreman

Nov. 17, 2013

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Opening statement

“Congratulations to Texas A&M first and foremost. Coach (Gary) Blair has been a great friend and mentor. The double edged sword is you have so much respect for somebody and what they’ve done in their career, but it’s kind of like what we talked about, if you’re going to lose to somebody you might as well lose to one of your friends.”

“A lot of people have questioned why I scheduled this game. Quite frankly, the reason I scheduled this is because we’re in arguably one of the best conferences in the country. The American is going to be an absolute war every night. Without question this is the kind of test and experience that my team needs right now especially being as young as we are still. I know we have five seniors but minutes played wise they’re young. This was necessary in every way and I’m proud. As I told them at half-court I was really proud of the effort. Not so much with our execution at times though.”

On if there was enough effort from the kids

“There is always a barometer of what you’re trying to get from your kids. For the most part from the heart standpoint, yes there was enough. Can there always be more? No question, absolutely. We’ll go back, and watch the film, and we’re going to knock ourselves in the head and say “aw man that one rebound” or “aw man that one loose ball”, but going into it with where we’ve been the last 72 hours spoke volumes of their character. They brought a top-10, top-15 team in here and played their tail ends off.”

His thoughts on the game

“This is the best game we’ve played to date. It may not show that statistically, but from a poise standpoint, from an understanding the gameplan standpoint and from an execution standpoint, this was the best game of the three. We had opportunities to keep attacking in transition, and we really didn’t do that as much.”

JUNIOR GUARD- Demetria Foreman

Thoughts of the game

“Like Marche’ said, this is the best game we have played this season. This is the best game that we have all played together. We came together defensively. That was a great team. We stayed in the game, even when it got hard for us. We stuck by each other. I believe we need to work on free throws and turnovers.”


On playing a team from inside the state of Texas

“It would be dishonest to say that it doesn’t add fuel to the fire, but at the end of the day it is about my team. It doesn’t matter if we are playing someone from my hometown or a team I have never heard of before. I just try to go out there and motivate my team and do the best I can. When I fall down they pick me up.”

Agreeing that this was the best game the team has played so far this season

“I definitely agree that this is the best game we have played so far. As he said Coach Blair is a good coach. He adjusted to some of the things that we did. Our zone defense gave them a little trouble, but he made the correct adjustments and we didn’t adjust on defense so we struggled a little there. I definitely think that this is the best game we have played so far from their team and for our team intensity wise.”




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