Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes Game 6

Senior guard Te'onna Campbell scored a game-high 16 points on 6-of-9 shooting from the field

Nov. 30, 2013

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Head coach- Todd Buchanan

Opening Statement

"Hopefully we've found our way, so to speak. We've extended our defense with the zone and man a little bit. I think that completely turned our attitude around. We played with so much more energy being down by eight and we really started to attack even more so at that point and that was the difference in the game. At this point in time, you have to listen to great players. The one to my left (Te'onna Campbell) is a senior, and a great player. She really helps make us go and always has that edge and energy around her. She really, really competed today and that was contagious. For the first time in a long time I felt our whole team caught fire. I told them under-four minutes `We have to play the game to win the game, not to keep from losing the game' and I felt we did that."

On getting to the rim and scoring free throws

"When we go into attack mode and play aggressive offensively and don't settle, we can get to the line and make some points. It was part of the game plan and I tell them all the time I want to punch first, punch second and punch last. I felt in the first half, we didn't do a lot of that. In the second half, we did do that."

On starting the second half so cold and turning it around for a 13-0 scoring run

"I just kept echoing the same thing we have been to keep your poise. We weren't taking bad shots and just settling. The only thing I told them a little different was get a piece of the paint - dribble drive and get a piece of the paint. Either go straight to the rim or kick it out. We made a good adjustment and any time we can use our athleticism and our quicks, we're going to be ok."

On creating turnovers

"I felt we had a great heart-to-heart after the Creighton game on what we could become. If we extend our defense and do it more often, that can lead to turnovers. No one wants to coach more than yours truly. That's how I've built teams for 24 years. That's how I played, how I was coached but in today's world, it's a double-edged sword with the new rules and the way the game is being officiated. We try to be smart trying to fill the game out as we explain to the team what we can or can't do. And a lot of that is predicated on opponents. I felt like we did it today and hopefully our understanding of it all is coming at a really good time for us."

Senior guard- Te'onna Campbell

On starting the second half so cold and turning it around for a 13-0 scoring run

"We didn't hesitate as much or second guess ourselves. We got a little confidence throughout the game and were probably too hesitant in the first half. Those first two shots fell and that gave us our energy to just play ball like our coaches were telling us."

On creating turnovers

"Lately in practice we've been working on keeping people in front of us and containing. I feel that showed up in the game today, we kept people contained and had our hands up. We were the attackers on defense more than offense today and that's where our energy came from."



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